News Headlines - 15 July 2019

China GDP growth slumps to lowest in 27 years as the trade war hits - CNN
China's economic growth has slumped to its lowest level in nearly three decades as the world's second largest economy feels the effects of a prolonged trade war with the United States. The country's gross domestic product grew at 6.2% in the quarter ended June, the slowest quarterly growth rate since 1992 and down from 6.4% in the previous quarter, according to government figures released on Monday. And the Chinese economy will continue to face "downward pressure" in the second half of this year, the country's National Bureau of Statistics said in a statement.
Taiwan's KMT picks Han as presidential candidate | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News
Taiwan's main opposition party has announced the mayor of the southern city of Kaohsiung will represent the party in next year's presidential election. The Nationalist Party, or KMT, announced on Monday that polls it conducted have found Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu has the highest support rate of 44.8 percent. Han beat his four contenders, including his closest challenger, former Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Chairman Terry Gou.
Toyota ordered to pay auto dealer $15.8 million in trial over Prius defects - Los Angeles Times
An Orange County jury Monday morning ordered Toyota to pay $15.8 million to one of its largest dealers in Southern California, who alleged that the company’s recalls to fix the electric power system of its popular Prius models did not remedy safety defects. Roger Hogan, who operates dealerships in Claremont and San Juan Capistrano, contended in a two-month trial in Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana that the automaker retaliated against him after he began raising concerns about the safety of the Prius’ electric power system in 2017 and for his effort to promote a safety recall software system in 2011. The jury, on a vote of 9 to 3, decided that Toyota had breached its contracts with Hogan, violating good faith and fair dealing. That claim related specifically to Hogan’s allegations that the Prius recall in 2014 did not remedy safety defects, according to Hogan’s attorney, Amnon Siegel.
IKEA closing only US furniture factory, cutting 300 jobs
IKEA said it will close its only US factory at the end of the year, cutting 300 jobs, as it will be more cost effective to make the products in Europe and import them. The global big-box furniture store, known for its Swedish meatballs and sometimes incomprehensible assembly instructions, said raw material costs were too high compared to plants in Europe meaning prices at the plant in the southern Virginia town of Danville were "significantly higher."... The factory, which opened in 2008 to produce wood shelves and storage units for the US and Canadian markets, will close in December.
At Vatican, empty tombs add new twist to missing girl mystery - Reuters
The Vatican opened two tombs on Thursday to see if the body of a girl missing since 1983 was hidden there and ran into a new mystery when nothing was found, not even the bones of two 19th century princesses supposed to be buried there. Experts were looking for the remains of Emanuela Orlandi, the daughter of a Vatican clerk who failed to return home following a music lesson in Rome. Her disappearance has been the subject of wild speculation in the Italian media for years. Exhumation work began after a morning prayer in the Teutonic Cemetery, a burial ground just inside the Vatican walls used over the centuries mainly for Church figures or members of noble families of German or Austrian origin.

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米当局 全米の主要都市で不法移民一斉検挙|日テレNEWS24
アメリカの不法移民の取り締まりを行う当局が、全米の主要都市で行う一斉検挙に着手したと、14日、アメリカのメディアが報じた。 アメリカのメディアによると、一斉検挙は、国外退去を命じられているのにもかかわらず、アメリカ国内にとどまっている約2000人の不法移民が対象で、ロサンゼルスなど約10の都市で行われるという。 この一斉検挙の実施は、トランプ大統領が異例の予告をしていて、移民に寛容な都市の市長らから、反対の意見が出されたり、移民の支援者らによる抗議集会が行われていた。
祖先の出身地が外国の女性下院議員は母国へ戻るべき トランプ氏投稿:AFPBB News
トランプ氏はツイッター(Twitter)で、民主党の「革新的な」女性議員らは「もともと政府が完全かつ全く失敗し、世界のどこより最もひどく腐敗し無能である国から来ている」と指摘。「なぜ祖先の出身国に戻り、全く崩壊した、犯罪のはびこる場所を立て直すのを手助けしないのか」と書き込んだ。  トランプ氏は議員の名前を挙げなかったが、同氏が念頭に置いているのはアレクサンドリア・オカシオコルテス(Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)氏、イルハン・オマル(Ilhan Omar)氏、ラシダ・タリーブ(Rashida Tlaib)氏ら、歯に衣(きぬ)着せぬ発言をすることで知られる、初当選を果たした比較的若い女性下院議員らとみられる。オカシオコルテス氏とタリーブ氏は米国生まれで祖先の出身地がそれぞれ米自治領プエルトリコとパレスチナ。オマル氏は幼少期に内戦下のソマリアから米国に移住した。
ロシア、2島返還協議入りも拒否 - ロイター
CNN.co.jp : ビートルズファン熱狂、ポールの公演にリンゴがサプライズ出演 米LA
ジョコビッチがウィンブルドンV5、フェデラーとの史上最長の決勝制す:AFPBB News
テニス、ウィンブルドン選手権(The Championships Wimbledon 2019)は14日、男子シングルス決勝が行われ、大会第1シードのノバク・ジョコビッチ(Novak Djokovic、セルビア)が7-6(7-5)、1-6、7-6(7-4)、4-6、13-12(7-3)で第2シードのロジャー・フェデラー(Roger Federer、スイス)を破り、2年連続5度目の優勝を果たした。  ウィンブルドンのシングルスでは初となる最終セットのタイブレークで決着した激闘の試合時間は、同大会の決勝としては史上最長の4時間57分だった。

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News Headlines - 14 July 2019

Security forces 'identify suspect behind Sir Kim Darroch diplomatic memo leak' | London Evening Standard
The Sunday Times reported earlier that unnamed government sources said a suspect had been identified and the possibility of a foreign state computer hack had been ruled out. Scotland Yard and the intelligence services believe a civil servant with access to historical Foreign Office files mounted a recent raid to steal the material, according to the newspaper... Intelligence officials from GCHQ are also to join the investigation to find the suspect, reports say.
Huawei Plans Extensive Layoffs in the U.S. - WSJ
Huawei Technologies Co. is planning extensive layoffs at its U.S. operations, according to people familiar with the matter, as the Chinese technology giant continues to struggle with its American blacklisting. The layoffs are expected to affect workers at Huawei’s U.S.-based research and development subsidiary, Futurewei Technologies, according to these people. The unit employs about 850 people in research labs across the U.S., including in Texas, California and Washington state.
China considers limited support for petrol-electric hybrids in boon for Toyota, Honda - Reuters
China is considering re-classifying petrol-electric hybrid vehicles so they get more favorable treatment than all-petrol or diesel counterparts under clean car rules, making it easier for automakers to meet environment quotas and offer more choice. Global hybrid leaders Toyota Motor Corp and Honda Motor Co Ltd would be among the biggest beneficiaries of such change, which could allow them to make more hybrids and less of the more costly all-electric vehicles, experts said, after reviewing the draft policy proposal published on Tuesday by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
Taiwan's Tsai arrives in NY for transit amid Chinese protests - The Mainichi
Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen arrived in New York on Thursday en route to diplomatic allies in the Caribbean amid Chinese calls for the United States to reject her transit stops... She later met with permanent representatives to the United Nations of Taiwan's diplomatic allies, according to the Presidential Office. It is the first time the president of Taiwan has ever done so in New York, where the United Nations is headquartered. On Friday, Tsai will attend a business summit attended by U.S. business leaders. She will also host at a dinner organized by Taiwanese compatriots, to which Eliot Engel, chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives' Foreign Affairs Committee, and Steve Chabot, co-chair of the bipartisan Congressional Taiwan Caucus, have been invited.
Outpouring of support in Russia for sisters who killed abusive father - Reuters
One summer night last year, sisters Krestina, Angelina and Maria Khachaturyan went into the room where their 57-year-old father Mikhail was sleeping and attacked him with pepper spray, a knife and a hammer. The sisters are now on trial for his murder, but thousands of people have come out in support of them, saying the sisters were defending themselves from an abusive father after being failed by a Russian legal system that, critics say, turns a blind eye to domestic abuse. The outpouring of support - over 230,000 people signed a petition asking to free the sisters from criminal charges - was in part because many women believe unless the system is changed, anyone could end up in their same situation.

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米のイラン核合意離脱はオバマ氏への嫌がらせ、前駐米英大使 流出公電第2弾:AFPBB News
英大衆紙メール・オン・サンデー(Mail on Sunday)は13日、駐米英大使の流出公電の第2弾を公開した。同紙によると、この件で辞任したキム・ダロック(Kim Darroch)前駐米英大使は、ドナルド・トランプ(Donald Trump)米大統領がイラン核合意から離脱した理由として、バラク・オバマ(Barack Obama)前米大統領が手掛けた合意だからだと考えていたことが明らかになった。……公電の中でダロック氏は、核合意離脱をめぐってトランプ政権内に分裂が生じているようだと指摘し、ホワイトハウス(White House)には長期戦略が欠けていると批判。さらに、マイク・ポンペオ(Mike Pompeo)米国務長官は……イラン核合意の離脱から微妙に距離を置いていたと記していた。
大統領新党に勢い=21日にウクライナ議会選:AFPBB News
21日投開票のウクライナ最高会議(議会)の前倒し選挙まで1週間。4月の大統領選で圧勝したゼレンスキー大統領は5月の就任式で議会解散を表明した。世論調査によると、大統領選圧勝の勢いを維持し、ゼレンスキー氏を支える新党「国民の奉仕者」が支持率トップを走っている。  調査会社レイティングが11日に発表した調査によれば、「投票に行く」と回答した人の40.6%が「国民の奉仕者」を支持。ロシア寄りの「野党プラットフォーム『生活』」(10%)、ポロシェンコ前大統領が率いる「欧州連帯党」(7.1%)、人気歌手バカルチューク氏が旗揚げした新党「声」(5.7%)が続く。
フランス、宇宙司令部を創設…「空・宇宙軍」へ : 読売新聞オンライン
フォードとVWが提携拡大、EVや自動運転車で協業へ - ロイター
米フォード・モーターと独フォルクスワーゲン(VW)は12日、両社の提携を電気自動車(EV)や自動運転車分野に拡大すると発表した。……新たな提携の下、VWはフォード傘下の自動運転車会社アルゴAIに26億ドルを投じる。さらに、アルゴAIの株式5億ドル相当を購入し、VWとフォードの出資比率は対等となる。 さらに、フォードはVWのEV専用プラットフォーム「MEB」を共用し、EV車を生産する。VWから部品なども調達し、今後6年で、欧州でEV車60万台超を生産する見通し。
NY大停電、路上にあふれる宿泊客…信号機も停止 : 読売新聞オンライン

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News Headlines - 13 July 2019

Trump axed Iran deal to spite Obama: British ambassador says Trump's actions 'diplomatic vandalism' | Daily Mail Online
Donald Trump abandoned the Iran nuclear deal as an act of ‘diplomatic vandalism’ to spite his predecessor Barack Obama, Britain’s Ambassador to Washington wrote in a bombshell memo to Downing Street. Sir Kim Darroch’s claim - made after Boris Johnson made a doomed trip to the White House to change the President’s mind - is revealed in leaked cables and briefing notes which led to Sir Kim’s resignation last week. The new revelation comes after an extraordinary row over the freedom of the press blew up this weekend, with Mr Johnson and leadership rival Jeremy Hunt leading the condemnation of Scotland Yard over its threats to prosecute this newspaper.
UK to send a second warship to the Gulf amid crisis with Iran | The Guardian
The UK is stepping up its military presence in the Gulf by sending a second warship to the region to protect British commercial oil tankers, the Ministry of Defence has said. The HMS Duncan, a Type 45 destroyer, will be deployed within days after it completed a course of Nato exercises in the Baltic Sea with the aim to be in the Gulf region by next week. The ship will work alongside the Royal Navy’s frigate HMS Montrose and US Gulf allies, but will not participate in Washington’s proposed global maritime coalition to protect shipping in the area.
Taiwan leader in U.S. after warning of ‘overseas forces’ threat:The Asahi Shimbun
Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen arrived in the United States on Thursday on a trip that has angered Beijing, warning that democracy must be defended and that the island faced threats from "overseas forces," in a veiled reference to China. China, which claims self-ruled and democratic Taiwan as its own and views it as a wayward province, had called on the United States not to allow Tsai to transit there on her overseas tour.
U.S. Budget Deficit Grew 39% in First Eight Months of Fiscal Year - WSJ
Government tax revenue continued to rise in May thanks to a sturdy labor market, but not enough to offset higher federal outlays, the Treasury Department said Wednesday. The U.S. budget gap widened last month as government spending outpaced tax collection, boosting the deficit 39% during the first eight months of the fiscal year. The government ran a $739 billion deficit from October through May, compared with $532 billion during the same period a year earlier, the Treasury said.
UK unveils draft law to tax tech giants
Britain on Thursday unveiled draft legislation for a "digital services tax" on global tech giants, which it plans to impose until leading economies reach an agreement on the contentious issue. The proposed levy, which will be consulted on until September, will target "large digital businesses" and reflect "the value derived from their UK users", according to the country's finance ministry. It said the 2.0 percent tax -- which it aims to introduce next April -- will not apply to small businesses or those making losses in Britain, in order to protect start-ups.

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トルコにロシア製ミサイル防衛システム納品開始-米国は導入に反発 - Bloomberg
VWビートル、生産終了 メキシコ工場でセレモニー:AFPBB News
ドイツ自動車大手フォルクスワーゲン(VW)は10日、同社を象徴する小型車「ビートル(Beetle)」の生産を終了した。メキシコ中部プエブラ(Puebla)の工場ではセレモニーが行われ、最後の限定モデルが披露された。……ビートルの歴史はナチス・ドイツ(Nazi)の時代にまでさかのぼり、1930年代に国民車構想を打ち出したナチスの指導者アドルフ・ヒトラー(Adolf Hitler)の支援を受けたフェルディナント・ポルシェ(Ferdinand Porsche)が開発した。
逆襲デトロイト 自動運転の都へ 市破綻から6年: 日本経済新聞
米デトロイト市の中心街から車で西に40分。ミシガン大学の敷地内に奇妙な「街」があった。……ここは自動運転車の走行実験を目的につくられた仮想の街。ミシガン大が運営するが企業に開放されており、デトロイト内外に本拠を置く米自動車大手3社や、近郊に研究拠点を持つトヨタ自動車などが最新の技術を試しにやって来る。互いに協力することもあるが外部にさらしたくないケースが多く、情報管理には神経をとがらせる。 エムシティーと名付けられたこの街がつくられたのは2015年7月。デトロイトから遠く離れた西海岸のシリコンバレーに後れを取るなと地元をあげて自動運転の開発に取り組むためだ。
英、現代の「奴隷制」摘発 1日70円で労働強要も  :日本経済新聞
同性愛を公言、ヌードも披露 女子サッカー米代表のミーガン・ラピノー | ニューズウィーク日本版
サッカー女子ワールドカップ(W杯)フランス大会でアメリカ代表の快進撃に貢献したのが、FWのミーガン・ラピノー。……ラピノーは、積極的に自らの同性愛をアピールしてきた。SNSにはパートナーとの写真を頻繁に投稿し、昨年には恋人である女子プロバスケット選手スー・バードと共にヌードでスポーツ誌面を飾った。 LGBTの先頭に立つだけではない。NFLの膝つき抗議行動への対応などから米トランプ政権を批判してきたラピノーは、今年1月のインタビューで、W杯で優勝しても「くそったれホワイトハウスには行かない」と断言。

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News Headlines - 12 July 2019

Acosta to Resign as Labor Secretary Over Jeffrey Epstein Plea Deal - The New York Times
President Trump’s embattled labor secretary, R. Alexander Acosta, announced his resignation on Friday amid continuing questions about his handling of a sex crimes case involving the financier Jeffrey Epstein when Mr. Acosta was a federal prosecutor in Florida. Mr. Trump, who announced the resignation, said Mr. Acosta had called him on Friday morning to tell the president he planned to step down. Mr. Acosta’s decision came only two days after he held a news conference to defend his handling of the 2008 sex crimes prosecution of Mr. Epstein while trying to quell a chorus of Democratic calls for his resignation and convincing Mr. Trump he was strong enough to survive.
Crackdown on immigrant families to start Sunday, Trump says - Reuters
A nationwide wave of arrests of immigrants facing deportation will commence over the weekend, U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday, confirming that the plan, intended to discourage a surge of Central American migrants, was on track after a delay. The operation is expected to target hundreds of families in 10 cities that have recently been ordered deported by an immigration court but have not yet left the country. Trump revealed the operation on Twitter last month and then postponed it. It is unusual for the government to announce deportation operations ahead of time.
F.T.C. Approves Facebook Fine of About $5 Billion - The New York Times
The Federal Trade Commission has approved a fine of roughly $5 billion against Facebook for mishandling users’ personal information, according to three people briefed on the vote, in what would be a landmark settlement that signals a newly aggressive stance by regulators toward the country’s most powerful technology companies.
Daimler in fresh profit warning over Dieselgate, faulty airbags | DW
German auto giant Daimler on Friday reported a €1.6 billion ($1.8 billion) second-quarter operating loss and cut its profit forecast for the rest of the year, shocking the automotive sector. The loss compared to a €2.6 billion profit in the first quarter and was blamed on the lingering Dieselgate scandal, which saw several carmakers admit to manipulating its cars to lower their emissions during regulatory tests. Daimler said it was setting aside another €1.6 billion to deal with recalls, government fines and lawsuits connected to the saga. A further billion euros has been earmarked to deal with problems involving Takata airbags.
I'm partially blind after a parasite started living in my eye when I showered in my contact lenses
Nick Humphreys, 29, from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, has had to have two operations and is now waiting to have a corneal transplant after contracting a parasite burrowed into his eye... The local newspaper journalist said that had he known how dangerous it was to wear contacts in the shower, he'd never have got them in the first place.

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NY株最高値、初の2万7000ドル台 利下げに期待  :日本経済新聞
仏デジタル課税法案を可決、米との貿易摩擦にも : 読売新聞オンライン
仏当局、ルノー本社再捜索 ゴーン前会長疑惑 | 共同通信
ドイツのメルケル首相は11日にベルリンの首相官邸前で行われたデンマークのフレデリクセン新首相の歓迎式典に、座って参加した。通常は国歌演奏を直立不動で聞く同式典では異例で、独メディアは起立時に出る全身の震えの症状を抑えるためとみている。  式典では椅子が2脚用意され、メルケル氏に合わせフレデリクセン氏も着席。国歌演奏時もそのままだった。他の出席者は起立していた。
CNN.co.jp : イラン船、英タンカーを拿捕未遂 ペルシャ湾

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News Headlines - 11 July 2019

BMW shifts engine production to Germany from UK ahead of Brexit | Financial Times
BMW shifts engine production to Germany from UK ahead of Brexit. BMW has redirected engine production to Germany from the UK ahead of Britain's departure from the EU, one of the company's most senior executives said.
Russian Nuclear Sub Wreck's Radiation 100K Higher Than Normal, Scientists Say - The Moscow Times
Norwegian scientists have discovered radiation levels 100,000 times higher than normal near a Soviet-era nuclear submarine that sank 30 years ago in the Arctic, Norway’s TV2 broadcaster reported Tuesday. The Komsomolets sank in a section of the Barents Sea considered to be one of the world's largest fishing areas in 1989, killing 42 of its 69 crew. Concerns about contamination from its nuclear reactor have not yet given way to an actual environmental crisis, and readings taken as recently as 2008 have shown no indication of a radiation leak.
Autonomous Lexus LS Will Begin Testing On Public Roads In Belgium | Carscoops
After successfully completing similar tests in the United States and Japan, Toyota has now taken to Europe with an autonomous vehicle. This Lexus LS, fitted with all the necessary gear to drive on its own, will be put to use in Brussels’ (Belgium) city center. Equipped with LIDAR, radars, cameras and high-precision positioning system, the autonomous LS will complete a fixed loop for the next 13 months. Human presence is a must though, so a driver will sit behind the wheel, ready to take control at any time. The driver will be accompanied by an operator, who will supervise the system.
Hayabusa-2: Japanese spacecraft makes final touchdown on asteroid - BBC News
A Japanese spacecraft has touched down on a faraway asteroid, where it will collect space rock that may hold clues to how the Solar System evolved. The successful contact with the Ryugu asteroid was met with relief and cheering in the control room at Japan's space agency, JAXA. It is the second touchdown for the robotic Hayabusa-2 craft, which grabbed rocks from the asteroid in February.
Johnny Kitagawa: Japanese boy band mogul dies at 87 - BBC News
His artists also went on to star in television programmes and his talent agency eventually grew to become the most powerful in Japan, with a virtual monopoly on the lucrative boy-band market... In 1999, Japanese magazine the Shukan Bunshun published a series of articles accusing him of sexually abusing several boys at his agency. Kitagawa denied all the charges and launched a libel suit against the magazine which he won, though that judgement was later partially overturned. He was never charged with any crime.

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仏でヘイト投稿規制法成立へ 企業に罰則つき削除義務:朝日新聞デジタル
メルケル独首相、3たび体の震え 健康不安説に「心配なし」と - BBCニュース
イギリスの駐米大使が辞任 トランプ政権について機密公電リークされ - BBCニュース
米労働長官が辞任否定、エプスタイン被告への「手心」批判に反論 - ロイター
アコスタ米労働長官は10日、このほど性犯罪への関与で起訴された実業家ジェフリー・エプスタイン被告に対して約10年前の連邦検事時代に「手心を加えた」として野党などから辞任を求められている問題で、自身の職務遂行が妥当だったと反論し、辞任するつもりはないと述べた。 アコスタ氏はフロリダの連邦検事だった際に、今回と同様に性犯罪に問われていたエプスタイン被告との司法取引を認め、全責任を追及しなかった措置が寛大に過ぎたと批判を浴びている。
ルイヴィトン、伝統文様の使用にメキシコ政府から批判 - ロイター
メキシコ文化省は5日付の書簡で、南部イダルゴ州のアーティストよる文様が、ルイ・ヴィトンの「Dolls by Raw Edges」コレクションの椅子に使われているのを見つけ、「驚いた」とコメント。椅子の詳細を尋ねる必要があると述べた。……メキシコ政府がこのような書簡を送ったのは、1カ月足らずで2回目。6月には、ベネズエラ生まれのデザイナー、キャロリーナ・ヘレラ氏が設立したファッションハウスに対し、民族固有の文様の使用による「文化の盗用」があったと批判した。

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