News Headlines - 15 December 2017

Window falls from U.S. Marine chopper onto Okinawa school - The Japan News

A window frame fell from a U.S. military aircraft on Wednesday onto the grounds of an elementary school in Ginowan, Okinawa Prefecture, leaving one student slightly injured.

U.S. court removes creditor hurdle to a Westinghouse bankruptcy plan

Westinghouse can now begin negotiating with Toshiba to hammer out details of a plan to bring the company out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the coming months.
The company filed for bankruptcy in March after two nuclear power plants it had designed and was constructing in the U.S. Southeast had gone billions of dollars over their fixed-cost contracts.

First glimpse inside new £750,000,000 US embassy with views of London | Metro News

These are the first photos taken from inside the brand new £750 million American embassy in London. The new HQ on London’s South Bank isn’t set to open until January, but a glimpse inside the building shows state-of-the art open spaces complete with picturesque views of the capital’s skyline.

F.C.C. Repeals Net Neutrality Rules - The New York Times

The Federal Communications Commission voted on Thursday to dismantle rules regulating the businesses that connect consumers to the internet, granting broadband companies the power to potentially reshape Americans’ online experiences.
The agency scrapped the so-called net neutrality regulations that prohibited broadband providers from blocking websites or charging for higher-quality service or certain content. The federal government will also no longer regulate high-speed internet delivery as if it were a utility, like phone service.

At Least 6,700 Rohingya Died in Myanmar Crackdown, Aid Group Says - The New York Times

Doctors Without Borders estimated on Thursday that at least 6,700 members of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority, including 730 children below age 5, had met violent deaths there in the month after a military crackdown on their villages.

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メイ首相に打撃 英下院、EU離脱合意の議会承認を義務化:AFPBB News

 野党に加え、テリーザ・メイ(Theresa May)首相率いる与党保守党からも複数の議員が造反して賛成に回った結果、同案は賛成309、反対305で可決された。

「前提条件なしの対話」発言 相次いで否定|日テレNEWS24






NASA グーグルのAIで未知の惑星を発見 | NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 14 December 2017

Disney is buying most of 21st Century Fox for $52.4 billion

Disney is buying a huge chunk of 21st Century Fox in a deal that promises to reshape the media industry and help the entertainment giant fend off digital rivals such as Netflix.
The $52.4 billion deal will combine two of the biggest players in Hollywood.

Alabama win thrills Democrats as Republicans point fingers

Democrats said on Wednesday their U.S. Senate victory in Alabama could lead to a sweeping comeback for the party in 2018 elections, while Republicans sought to assess blame for a defeat in one of the country’s most conservative states... Trump, speaking to reporters at the White House, said the Alabama outcome would not affect his policy agenda. Republicans are rushing to pass a tax overhaul package by the end of the year.

Venezuela opposition banned from running in 2018 election - BBC News

Venezuela's President, Nicolás Maduro, says the country's main opposition parties are banned from taking part in next year's presidential election.
He said only parties which took part in Sunday's mayoral polls would be able to contest the presidency.

Chaplin family plead to save London Cinema Museum - BBC News

Charlie Chaplin's family have written an open letter to ask for London's Cinema Museum to be saved.
The museum, housed in the former Lambeth workhouse where Chaplin once lived, could be under threat when its lease expires next March.

Video of Starving Polar Bear ‘Rips Your Heart Out of Your Chest’ - The New York Times

The polar bear, though, was not dead — at least not yet. And when it managed to stand up, Mr. Nicklen, a visual storyteller, snapped a photo. When he published it on Instagram, the image garnered such a strong response that he knew he needed to return with other members of his conservation organization and the proper filming equipment. Mr. Nicklen, 49, wanted to show people what a starving polar bear really looked like — he wanted to make a scientific data point something real.

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米、0・25%利上げ決定…今年3回目 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


大型減税に米与党合意、目玉公約成立へ TBS NEWS


急死・サンフランシスコ市長に非情書き込み 慰安婦像受け入れ以外で猛批判


性的暴行問題に揺れる米体操界、今度は名コーチが永久追放に:AFPBB News

米体操界で長年指導に携わり、いくつもの賞を受賞しているコーチが、選手と不適切な性的行為に及んでいたとして永久追放処分を受けた。……米体操界では、連盟の元チームドクターだったラリー・ナサール(Larry Nassar)被告が性的暴行罪などで現時点で禁錮60年を言い渡されている。そのショックが残る中で、今回は数々の賞に彩られていたコーチが、性的な問題で体操界から追放されたことが明らかになった。
 問題となっているコーチはトッド・ガーディナー(Todd Gardiner)氏。

本田パチューカ退団へ “集大成”W杯逆転選出へ欧州復帰目指す― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


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News Headlines - 13 December 2017

Toyota Deepens Panasonic Battery Ties in Electric-Car Rush - Bloomberg

Toyota Motor Corp. deepened a partnership with battery producer Panasonic Corp. as Asia’s biggest carmaker, which bet big on hydrogen for clean technology, accelerates efforts to make its presence felt in electric cars.
The largest supplier of electric-car batteries and Toyota together are exploring the development of prismatic cells, and the collaboration will include solid-state batteries, the two companies said at a news conference in Tokyo on Wednesday. The agreement builds on a joint venture Toyota and Panasonic have had for over two decades.

Nintendo Switch sells 10 million worldwide - Nintendo Official Site

Despite launching in March, a month not usually reserved for home console launches, and with the busy holiday shopping season still in full swing, the Nintendo Switch system has already sold 10 million units to consumers around the world, according to Nintendo’s internal sales figures... The robust and diverse library on Nintendo Switch features two of the most acclaimed video games of all time in Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. At The Game Awards last week in Los Angeles, Super Mario Odyssey won the award for Best Family Game. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was honored with the awards for Game of the Year, Best Action/Adventure Game and Best Game Direction.

Schoolchildren start voting for Tokyo 2020 Games Mascots - Japan Today

Voting for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games mascots kicked off Monday, with 6.5 million children at elementary schools across Japan given the opportunity to choose their favourite from three shortlisted pairs – each containing one mascot for the Olympic Games and one for the Paralympic Games. Each class can cast a single vote for their chosen mascots at any time in the 10-week voting period.

Inside Trump’s Hour-by-Hour Battle for Self-Preservation - The New York Times

Watching cable, he shares thoughts with anyone in the room, even the household staff he summons via a button for lunch or for one of the dozen Diet Cokes he consumes each day.

Putin orders partial withdrawal of Russian troops in Syria - France 24

President Vladimir Putin flew into Syria and ordered "a significant part" of Moscow's military contingent there to start withdrawing on Monday, declaring their work largely done.

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アメックス、全世界でサイン不要に 支払い素早く  :日本経済新聞


オーストリア、飲食店での喫煙禁じる禁煙法を撤回へ:AFPBB News

 自由党のハインツクリスティアン・シュトラッヘ(Heinz-Christian Strache)党首(48)は今年10月の総選挙を受け、中道右派・国民党(OeVP)と連立交渉を進めており、このたび禁煙法の撤回で合意したと明らかにした。

「空前絶後のぉ!間違いであります!」 エストニア大使館、超テンションでTBS「東大王」のミス指摘 - ねとらぼ


ライアン・レイノルズ、ピカチュウ役に決定!実写ポケモン映画で - シネマトゥデイ

映画『デッドプール』のライアン・レイノルズが、「ポケットモンスター」初の実写映画化作品でピカチュウ役を務めることが明らかになった。The Hollywood Reporter によると、ライアンはモーションキャプチャーでピカチュウを演じる予定だという。

世界の武器売上高、5年ぶりに増加 韓国で最大の伸び


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News Headlines - 12 December 2017

Brexit: City of London will lose 10,500 jobs on day one, says EY | The Guardian

City firms plan to move 10,500 jobs out of the UK on “day one” of Brexit, with Dublin and Frankfurt the financial centres most likely to benefit from the UK’s departure from the EU.
The job tracker compiled by the accountants EY, which counts job announcements to the end of November, found that the number of roles likely to be affected had fallen from estimates of 12,500 a year ago. But it also concluded that the jobs being affected by Brexit were not just the “back office” ones initially forecast, but “front office” staff who deal directly with clients.

Pentagon says it will allow transgender recruits after judge's order - UPI.com

The Pentagon on Monday said it will abide by a judge's decision that transgender military recruits must be accepted into the military by Jan. 1.
Earlier Monday, Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia refused to give the military more time to implement her October injunction that opposed the transgender ban President Donald Trump announced in July.

Apple confirms deal to buy music discovery app Shazam

Apple Inc on Monday confirmed it had reached a deal to acquire Shazam Entertainment Ltd, the U.K.-based app that lets users identify songs by pointing a smart phone at the audio source.

Saudi Arabia to lift 35-year ban on cinemas | The Guardian

Saudi Arabia is to allow cinemas to open for the first time in 35 years as it continues a push to overhaul its society and image after decades of hardline rule.
The first movie theatres will be opened by March and it is intended that up to 2,000 screens will be in place within 12 years.

US Army deserter who wed Japanese abductee in N. Korea dies at 77 - The Mainichi

A former U.S. soldier who deserted to North Korea and later married a Japanese woman who had been abducted by the isolated state died Monday, aged 77.

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JR東日本、英鉄道路線の運行開始 海外で初、拡大目指す - 産経フォト


オーストリアの大規模天然ガス施設で爆発、1人死亡18人負傷:AFPBB News


NASA、40年ぶり有人月面探査へ トランプ大統領が指示:AFPBB News

ドナルド・トランプ(Donald Trump)米大統領は11日、航空宇宙局(NASA)に対し、将来の火星探査に向けた準備の一環として、有人月面探査計画を約40年ぶりに再開するよう指示した。
 トランプ大統領はホワイトハウス(White House)で、有人月面探査の再開を命じる指示書に署名。「今回は米国旗を立てて足跡を残すだけにとどまらない。将来的に火星、またいつの日かさらに遠くの多くの世界を目指すミッションのための基盤を設立する」と述べた。

トランプ氏のセクハラ疑惑で女性ら会見、議会に調査要求 TBS NEWS




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News Headlines - 11 December 2017

Suicide bomber strikes New York City at rush hour | New York Post

An ISIS-inspired would-be suicide bomber set off a homemade explosive device at the Port Authority Bus Terminal subway station Monday morning, seriously wounding himself and injuring three others, law enforcement sources said.
The man — a 27-year-old Brooklyn man identified by high ranking police sources as Akayed Ullah — had wires attached to him and a 5-inch metal pipe bomb and battery pack strapped to his midsection as he walked through the Manhattan transit hub.

Trump links New York bomb attack to immigration debate - LA Times

President Trump cited the suspect in the New York subway bombing on Monday as an argument for his crackdown on legal as well as illegal immigration, after the administration said the man entered the country in 2011 on a family immigrant visa.

Uber appeal case against London licence loss planned for April or June next year

Uber’s appeal against the loss of its London licence should begin on Apr. 30 for five days but might be delayed until June, a British judge said on Monday at a preliminary hearing.

GVC in Talks to Buy Ladbrokes Coral for Up to $5.2 Billion - Bloomberg

GVC Holdings Plc is in advanced talks to acquire U.K. bookmaker Ladbrokes Coral Group Plc for as much as 3.9 billion pounds ($5.2 billion), as gambling companies seek greater scale in a business that’s shifting online.

China opens criminal case against former rising star Sun Zhengcai on graft charges | South China Morning Post

China’s prosecutor has begun formal legal proceedings for alleged corruption against the former senior politician Sun Zhengcai, once considered a contender to be one of the nation’s top leaders.

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トランプ氏、ろれつが回らない? 18年前半に健康診断、結果公表へ:AFPBB News

ドナルド・トランプ(Donald Trump)米大統領が6日にホワイトハウス(White House)で声明を発表した際にろれつが回らなくなる場面があったと指摘されていることについて、サラ・ハッカビー・サンダース(Sarah Huckabee Sanders)大統領報道官は7日、「ばかげている」と一蹴し、来年行われるトランプ大統領の健康診断の結果を公表すると約束した。



CNN.co.jp : JAL、超音速旅客機開発へ 米企業に11億円投資


マクラーレンが新型スーパーカー「セナ」発売 500台限定 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)




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