News Headlines - 16 February 2017

Assassin thought murder of Kim Jong Un’s half-brother was a ‘prank’ | New York Post

A woman wearing an “LOL” shirt was busted in the fatal poisoning of North Korean despot Kim Jong-un’s half-brother — and told later cops she thought it was a “prank” and not an assassination.

South Korea court rejects prosecution request on raid to presidential office - Yonhap - Channel NewsAsia

A South Korean court rejected a request by the special prosecutor's office to raid the presidential Blue House, Yonhap News Agency said on Thursday, as part of a widening infleunce-peddling scandal that could topple President Park Guen-hye.

80 More Pokémon Coming to Pokemon Go This Week | Time.com

The world of augmented reality bellwether Pokémon Go is about to let a slew of new cutesy critters into its mobile, walkabout zoo. Developer Niantic and triumvirate The Pokemon Company just announced 80 new Pokémon will appear in the camera based catch-em-all sometime this week.

Lamborghini Recalls Aventadors, Rare Venenos Due to Fire Risk | Fortune.com

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration submitted a safety recall report for the iconic carmaker's Aventador and Veneno models on Feb. 3. The notice suggests Aventadors filled with too much gas could exhaust the system "in certain driving conditions." And if liquid fuel reaches the exhaust system, it could cause a fire.

The secret world of Russia football hooligans - BBC News

At the 2016 European Championships, violent clashes between Russian and English supporters in Marseille put the spotlight on Russian hooliganism.

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東京新聞:トランプ氏、2国家共存こだわらず 中東和平が遠のく恐れ


70年前の虐殺現場発掘 生々しくて中断も スロベニア:朝日新聞デジタル


CNN.co.jp : 大量の化学薬品を押収、麻薬10億錠分か オランダ


フランスでは歩行者の40%が信号無視、日本は2% ルール守る意識に差:AFPBB News

英国王立協会(Royal Society)のオンライン科学誌「ロイヤルソサエティー・オープンサイエンス(Royal Society Open Science)」で発表された論文によると、フランスでは歩行者が10回に4回の割合で、信号無視をして横断歩道を渡る。一方、規律正しい日本ではその割合はフランスの20分の1だったという。

スイス老舗観光スポットの集客が好調な理由 - ITmedia ビジネスオンライン


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News Headlines - 15 February 2017

U.N., Trump denounce North Korea, but no sign of any action | Reuters

The U.N. Security Council denounced North Korea's weekend missile launch, urging members to "redouble efforts" to enforce sanctions against the reclusive state, but gave no indications of any action it might take.

Kim Jong-nam death: Vietnamese woman arrested at klia2 over probe | New Straits Times

Police have detained a Vietnamese woman in connection with its probe into the death of Kim Jong-nam, who is the half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

South Korean builders win Turkey bridge bid- Nikkei Asian Review

A consortium led by South Korean companies has won the right to build the world's longest suspension bridge over the Dardanelles in Turkey, beating competitors from Japan, China and elsewhere.

Chilean suspect denies killing Japanese woman missing in France ‹ Japan Today

A Chilean man wanted in connection with the disappearance of a 21-year-old Japanese student in France has submitted a statement to Chilean investigators denying involvement in her murder, sources close to the matter said Tuesday.

Harrison Ford in Incident With Passenger Plane at California Airport - NBC News

Actor Harrison Ford was involved in a potentially serious incident Monday in California as he was piloting his private plane, a single-engine Husky, NBC News has learned.

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イエレンFRB議長:経済が軌道維持すれば一段の利上げ必要に - Bloomberg


CNN.co.jp : トランプ氏側近、ロシア関係者と定期連絡 大統領選中に


CNN.co.jp : ロシアが巡航ミサイル配備、米は「条約違反」と認識


仏PSA、独オペル買収巡り協議 GMの全欧州事業取得も | ロイター


原始爬虫類の腹に胎児 「進化史書き換える」化石、中国で発見:AFPBB News

2億4500年前に生息していた非常に首の長い海生爬虫(はちゅう)類が、卵生ではなく胎生だったことを示す化石を発見したとする論文が14日、英科学誌ネイチャー・コミュニケーションズ(Nature Communications)に発表された。恐竜や鳥類、ワニを含む主竜形類の仲間で胎生が確認された唯一の種だという。

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News Headlines - 14 February 2017

Toshiba chairman quits over nuclear loss - BBC News

Earlier Toshiba had delayed issuing its results, but it then said it was set to report a net loss of 390bn yen ($3.4bn) in the year to March 2017.
The company said it expected to take a 712.5 billion yen ($6.3bn, £5bn) writedown at its US nuclear business.

Apple CEO Tim Cook: Fake News Is "Killing People's Minds" in Trump Era | Fortune.com

After identifying fake news as a "chief problem" in modern society during a U.K. trip last week, Cook said all tech companies should help tackle the issue in an interview with the Daily Telegraph published late Friday.

Labour now third most popular party among working class voters, poll reveals

Labour is now the third most popular party among working class voters, a new poll has revealed, as the party faces a close-run battle with Ukip to hold on to one of its key seats in the north.

Trump dealt with North Korea missile launch as his club's members dined nearby - CBS News

President Trump dealt with a major national security issue during his weekend getaway at Mar-a-Lago with members of the club eating dinner near his table on the terrace outside.

North Korean leader’s half-brother killed in Malaysia in possible poison attack, police say - The Washington Post

The target: the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The setting: an airport in Malaysia. And a possible suspect: A woman killer carrying a cloth treated with lethal liquid.

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資金洗浄容疑:パナマ文書流出 経営者2人を逮捕 - 毎日新聞






オランダ:極右党首ツイッターで存在感 下院選まで1カ月 - 毎日新聞


オーストリア警察、たびたび出没のヒトラーそっくり男を逮捕 | ロイター


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News Headlines - 13 February 2017

DOJ warned Flynn could be vulnerable to blackmail: reports | TheHill

The Department of Justice voiced concerns about President Trump’s national security adviser and his talks with Russia’s ambassador late last month, according to a new report.

Iraqi air strike hits house where ISIS commanders were | Daily Mail Online

Iraqi warplanes have hit a house where ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was holding a meeting with senior commanders, killing at least 13.

Flood Risk Near Oroville Dam Causes Thousands to Evacuate in California - The New York Times

The authorities in Northern California raced to evacuate tens of thousands of people on Sunday night in fear of the possible failure of an emergency spillway at the Oroville Dam.

Italy's Tiziana: Tragedy of a woman destroyed by viral sex videos

It probably took no more than a few seconds for Tiziana Cantone to begin the sequence of events that led to her suicide.

Church of England 'not listening to gay Christians', say retired bishops - BBC News

Fourteen retired bishops have accused Church of England leaders of not listening to the voices of gay Christians.

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トランプ大統領の外交、現実路線に近づく - WSJ


ドイツの新大統領にシュタインマイヤー前外相 | NHKニュース




チェコ対スペインは1-1のタイ、米独戦では国歌間違えるミス フェド杯:AFPBB News

全米テニス協会(USTA)は、ドイツが第2次世界大戦(World War II)時に採用していた国歌の一小節が歌われた後、「USTAは旧国歌について、フェドカップのドイツチームおよびファンに心からおわび申し上げます」としたうえで、「二度とこのような過ちは犯しません」とツイッター(Twitter)で謝罪した。

新ルールのGSパリ大会、日本勢からは歓迎の反応目立つも…一部では戸惑いの声も/柔道 - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)


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News Headlines - 12 February 2017

New Dead Sea Scrolls cave discovered - CNN.com

Excavations on the storied Judean cliffside revealed a new Dead Sea Scrolls cave, full of scroll storage jars and other antiquities, the first such discovery in over 60 years.

Dominican paper runs photo of Alec Baldwin instead of Trump

El Nacional published an apology on Saturday after mistakenly running a photo of the actor doing his impression of the U.S. president on “Saturday Night Live” instead of Trump himself.

Japanese manga artist Jiro Taniguchi dies aged 69 - BBC News

One of Japan's best-known manga artists, Jiro Taniguchi, has died aged 69, his publisher has announced... His death was announced by Casterman, his publisher in France, where his work was particularly popular.

More than a dozen fans killed in stampede at Angolan football match | The Guardian

At least 17 people have died in a stampede at an Angolan football match when hundreds of supporters stormed the stadium gates, a medical official said.

José Mourinho starting to enjoy the fruits of Paul Pogba’s growing maturity | The Guardian

Sometimes when José Mourinho crowbars a comment into an answer it is because he can seem an incorrigible mischief-maker, forever ready to take a sly dig at a rival. At others, he is less provocative, but more instructive. So it was when he was asked about Manchester United’s fourth consecutive clean sheet.

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CNN.co.jp : ウィキペディア、英大衆紙デイリー・メールの引用を禁止


英ロンドンで「ロボット」展示会、歌うヒューマノイドなど100点 | ロイター


ベルリン国際映画祭が開幕 日本人監督らの作品「金熊賞」競う | NHKニュース


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