News HeadLines - 30 July 2010

▽Scrapping default retirement age will add to younger workers' job woes - Telegraph.co.uk
However, experts said the plans would create the unintended consequence of shutting out younger workers – already disillusioned by the tough labour market – from job opportunities. One in five 16 to 24-year-olds are currently unemployed.

▽Vicar convicted of conducting hundreds of fake weddings at local parish church - The Guardian
In four years he presided over 383 marriages, at least 360 of them sham ceremonies where women, with rights to live and work in the UK, were paid up to £3,000 each to wed African men, mainly from Nigeria, at the small parish church of St Peter and St Paul.

▽Supermarket backs squirrel meat sales amid protest - AFP
"Squirrel is a very sustainable form of meat," he told AFP on Thursday, explaining that while it takes 15 tons of grain to produce one ton of beef, "squirrels feed from nature -- there are too many of them around."

▽Google Wi-Fi data capture cleared by Information Commissioner - The Guardian
The Information Commissioner has ruled that Google is unlikely to have collected "significant amounts of personal data" with its StreetView mapping cars.

▽Google Confirms: We’re Not Currently Blocked In China - Techcrunch
We’ve just received official word from Google confirming that they are not currently blocked in China and that a server issue was most likely the cause of their dashboard misread.







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