News Headlines - 11 August 2010

▽Bank highlights doubts for recovery - Press Association
The Bank of England is to highlight fresh doubts over the UK's fightback from recession with forecasts of slowing growth and a spike in the cost of living.

▽Malware gang steal over £700K from one British bank
Web-based malware based on the infamous Zeus cybercrime toolkit is being used to steal money via the unnamed bank's online banking system. Researchers at the M86's Security Labs came across the attack after discovering the botnet's command & control centre, which is hosted in Moldova.

▽Alert over 'unbeatable' superbug which could spread worldwide - MailOnline
Scientists have warned that the superbug  -  an enzyme called New Delhi-Metallo-1  -  could spread worldwide because it is resistant to almost all antibiotics and nothing is being developed to combat it.

▽Heatwave and fires to slow Russian economic recovery - BBC
Economists in Russia say they expect the current heatwave and wildfires to cut $15bn (£9bn) from economic output.

▼Cooled Stripe Panties sold out in three days - AKIBA Blog
Stripe panties, or Shima-pan in Japanese, cooled in a refrigerator are sold out in a few days faster than expected at an adult shop M's Akihabara.







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