News Headlines - 20 August 2010

▽Lib Dems 'not damaged by coalition' - Press Association
Nick Clegg has rejected concerns that the Liberal Democrats are being damaged by their alliance with the Tories - insisting no one would be taking "any notice" of the party if it was not in government.

▽Veterans jeer Blackpool woman who urinated on memorial - BBC
A woman who urinated on a war memorial in Blackpool and performed a sex act nearby has been barracked by veterans on her way into court.

▽Reporter Ray Gosling facing wasting police time charges - BBC
BBC television presenter Ray Gosling will be charged with wasting police time, following a claim he made on air that he smothered his terminally ill lover.

▽France expels Gypsies to Romania for second day - Associated Press
About 100 Gypsies, or Roma, were put on a charter flight headed to their native Romania on Friday, the second day in a row that France has expelled Roma in a much criticized government crackdown.

▽Worst-Case Scenarios: Possible Strike Plans for Iran Involve Risky Options - FOXNews
At some point, military leaders in the United States and in Israel will have to decide: Which is more dangerous -- an Iran capable of launching a nuclear weapon? Or an Iran that just got hit with tons of artillery and is out for revenge?







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