News Headlines - 29 August 2010

▽How Bush and Blair plotted in secret to stop Brown - Telegraph.co.uk
The White House warnings, which were reiterated by other leading US-based figures, played a key role in Mr Blair’s attempt to cling on to power until at least 2008, and to groom David Miliband as his successor, The Sunday Telegraph has been told.

▽George Bush's White House had 'grave doubts' about Gordon Brown as PM - The Guardian
Brown is said to have "harangued" Rice, then secretary of state, over US policy on aid and development in Africa. Rice reportedly alerted the White House which passed on its concerns to Blair.

▽Vodafone joins queue of firms to leave China - Telegraph.co.uk
Telecoms company is planning to sell its £4bn stake in China Mobile.

▽The Internet hits back at Mary Bale, the cat bin lady - T3
British bank worker Mary Bale found out exactly how powerful the Internet could be after she put a cat in a trash bin, where it remained, unable to get out until it was rescued 15 hours later.

▽9.2 Million Adults In The UK Never Went Online
A whopping 9.2 million UK adults have never been online according to data released by the Office of National Statistics, out of a population of around 62 million or one out of every seven Britons.







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