News Headlines - 31 August 2010

▽Obama speech, August 31: pays tribute to troops, refocuses on economy
President Obama Tuesday night told an American public weary of war that it is time to “turn the page” on the war in Iraq. And although he said the formal end of US combat operations  in Iraq would allow the military to turn fuller attention to the war in Afghanistan, Mr. Obama also repeated his pledge to begin a drawdown of troops in Afghanistan next summer.

▽Mexico purges 3,200 federal police officers - Peninsula On-line
Mexico has cracked down on alleged corruption and incompetence in its federal police, firing 3,200 officers, or around 10 percent of the force, so far this year.

▽India gives BlackBerry 60 days before ban decision - One News Page - Christian Science Monitor
Research In Motion (RIM) has been given a 60-day extension before the Indian government decides whether or not to ban BlackBerry services in the country.

▽Microsoft unveils new Xbox 360 controller - CNET
Microsoft plans to release a new Xbox 360 controller in November that features a transforming D-pad, the company announced Tuesday

▼3rd Anniversaryy of Hatsune Miku
31st August is the third anniversary of Hatsune Miku.







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