News Headlines - 06 August 2010

▽U.S. Attends Hiroshima Ceremony - New York Times
The U.S. ambassador participated for the first time on Friday in an annual ceremony to mark the anniversary of the atomic bombing here in World War Two, raising hopes that President Barack Obama may soon follow.

▽Japan tanker was damaged in a terror attack, UAE says - BBC
It said remains of home-made explosives had been found on the hull of the M Star, which was damaged on Wednesday while travelling from Qatar to Japan.

▽Pentagon increases pressure on WikiLeaks to return military files - The Guardian
The Pentagon has demanded that WikiLeaks immediately erase the huge cache of secret US military files about the Afghan war it has posted online and hand over another 15,000 classified records in its possession.

▽Toyota's Japan hybrid sales top one million - AFP
Toyota Motor said Friday that its hybrid vehicle sales in Japan had topped the one million mark and worldwide it had sold 2.68 million of the vehicles by the end of July.

▽Flying Car or Roadable Aircraft? - National Geographic
Developers unveiled a scale model of the redesigned Transition "roadable aircraft" (pictured in a digital rendering) in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Monday. The new design is both a rear-wheel drive road vehicle and a light sport aircraft that can cruise at 105 miles (170 kilometers) an hour.







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