News Headlines - 08 August 2010

▽Killed in cold blood: the British doctor who went to help in Afghanistan - Telegraph.co.uk
A British doctor, Dr Karen Woo, was among ten aid workers ambushed and shot dead by gunmen in a remote area of northern Afghanistan.

▽The death toll from a Basra market blast rises to 43 - BBC
The death toll from a series of explosions in the southern Iraqi city of Basra on Saturday has risen to 43, officials have said.

▽127 killed as mudslides devastate China town - Telegraph.co.uk
Landslides triggered by torrential summer rains in northwest China have killed over 100 people and left 2,000 missing in the latest of a series of flood-related disasters to befall northern China where the heaviest rains in a decade have now killed more than 1,400 people.

▽Food Prices Quadruple In Flood-Hit Pakistan - Sky News
Soaring food prices in Pakistan are threatening the survival of those who managed to escape the worst flooding the country has seen in 80 years.

▽Campbell diamond testimony under the spotlight - Reuter
British supermodel Naomi Campbell's testimony at the trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor will be put to the test on Monday when her former agent is expected to contradict her over a gift of diamonds.







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