News Headlines - 01 August 2010

▽Two men held over MI6 and Downing Street parcel bombs - The Guardian
Two men are being held by police today after two parcel bombs reportedly addressed to 10 Downing Street and MI6 were intercepted last week.

▽Pakistan spy chief scraps UK trip on "terror" remarks - Reuters
http://af.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idAFTRE66U0NV20100731Cameron, speaking in Pakistan's rival India on Wednesday, told Islamabad that it must not become a base for militants and "promote the export of terror" across the globe.

▽China closer to becoming second-largest economy
A senior Beijing official’s reference to China as the “world’s second-largest economy” has sparked excited speculation that Asia’s new powerhouse may have already reached a long-looming milestone by surpassing Japan.

▽Disney's sale of Miramax: a new era is here
Disney’s decision to sell Miramax for a reported $660m to a group of private equity companies is the end of a pipe dream for the Weinstein brothers – that they might one day buy it back.

▽Why I love: Yasujiro Ozu
Yasujiro Ozu's art is tremendously refined, its pared-down cinematic vocabulary instantly recognisable.







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