News Headlines - 09 September 2010

▽Bank of England keeps interest rate at record low - AFP
The Bank of England kept its key lending rate at a record low level of 0.50 percent for the eighteenth month running on Thursday, as data showed Britain's recovery from recession is stalling.

▽Goldman Sachs £17.5m fine is a 'drop in a bucket' - BBC
Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs has been fined £17.5m ($27m) by the UK's City regulator, the Financial Services Authority.
The fine is for failing to tell the FSA it was under investigation for fraud by the US financial watchdog this summer.

▽Philippines police admit 'friendly fire' may have killed some tourists during bus siege shoot-out - MailOnline
Some of the terrified tourists held hostage on a bus in the Philippines may have been killed by police trying to rescue them, officials admitted for the first time today.

▽Tate Modern plans Miró retrospective - The Guardian
Tate Modern  is to mount the first big retrospective of Miró to be held in London for 50 years, it announced today, admitting that it was something of a surprise that it had been so long since the last full-scale show for the artist.

▽Alien predator shrimp found in UK - BBC
The shrimp preys on a range of native species, such as freshwater invertebrates - particularly native shrimp - and even young fish.







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