News Headlines - 12 September 2010

▽Union leaders warn of strikes to oppose cuts - The Guardian
The government will face co-ordinated industrial action and civil disobedience once the true scale of its budget cuts becomes clear, union leaders warned today as they claimed 150,000 public sector job losses are already in the pipeline.

▽Ed Miliband: Labour race is 'moving to me' - BBC
Labour leadership contender Ed Miliband has said he thinks the race is "moving towards" him, as a poll suggests he will narrowly win.

▽Murdered spy 'could have climbed into sports bag' before death - Telegraph.co.uk
They remain open to the possibility that Mr Williams climbed into the bag as part of a sex game and then suffocated. His body was found in the flat eight days after he was last seen alive.

▽Battle of Britain hero Hugh Dowding honoured in Moffat - BBC
Every year a south of Scotland town comes to a halt to remember the man who masterminded the RAF's victory in the Battle of Britain.

▽Mayor Boris Johnson concerned over immigration cap - BBC
Boris Johnson has said he is concerned about how a cap on non-EU immigration will affect London's economy.







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