News Headlines - 16 September 2010

▽The Roma: Europe's pariah people - The Guardian
Euro MPs demonstrate on behalf of Roma people in the parliament in Strasbourg. They show placards which translate as 'equal rights for all citizens'. Photograph: Johanna Leguerre/AFP/Getty Images

▽Pope Benedict XVI visit: 65,000 Catholics enjoy a day in the sun - Telegraph.co.uk
But the 65,000 Roman Catholics gathered in Glasgow’s Bellahouston Park to celebrate mass were having none of that. As Pope Benedict XVI arrived for the first great set-piece event of his four-day visit to Britain, the hymn All People That On Earth Do Dwell boomed out triumphantly. This was their day; for most a once in a lifetime experience. And, miraculously, the sun shone.

▽Prominent Pakistan politician murdered outside his London home - Telegraph.co.uk
Dr Farooq, 50, was repeatedly stabbed in the head and neck during the assault in Edgware, north London.
He was a leading member of the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) party, which is one of the largest in Pakistan.
There were suggestions from Pakistan that he may have known his killer. When police arrived at the scene, they found Dr Farooq’s body outside his house.

▽MI5 chief warns of terror threat from Britons trained in Somalia - The Guardian
The head of MI5 has warned that Britain faces a growing threat of terrorist attacks from UK residents trained in Somalia and from dissident Irish republicans.

▽Apps crucial in Nokia’s fight for customers - FT.com
Stephen Elop, who is due to take over as chief executive of Nokia  next week, bounded on to the stage at the end of the Finnish handset maker’s annual trade show in London to award one developer $1m for his winning mobile phone application.







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