News Headlines - 18 September 2010

▽The real lesson we can learn from Japan's dramatic currency sell-off - Telegraph.co.uk
With so much economic uncertainty in Europe and the US, "safe haven" flows into the yen are likely to remain strong. More importantly, further weakening will require the co-operation of the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank – and that simply isn't going to happen. On the contrary, America and Europe, usually Japan's allies when it comes to global financial co-operation, are furious Tokyo chose to "go it alone" in a bid to weaken the yen.

▽Anti-Japan protesters rally in China - AFP
BEIJING — Waving banners and chanting anti-Japanese slogans, protesters staged rallies in China Saturday to voice anger over the arrest of a Chinese trawler captain which has sparked a major diplomatic row.

▽Papal visit: Thousands protest against Pope in London - BBC
Organisers of the Protest the Pope event said they wanted to highlight his stance on controversial subjects, including the ordination of women.
Sex abuse and Catholic opposition to contraception have also been criticised.

▽Taliban may have ordered MQM leader's killing in London- Hindustan Times
Daily Mail reported Saturday that the Taliban angle emerged as Scotland Yard's Counter Terrorism Command took charge of the probe
from the Murder Squad into the vicious stabbing to death of Farooq outside his home in Edgware Thursday afternoon.

▽Carrier pigeons faster than rural broadband - Techwatch
The pigeons took 75 minutes to deliver their data, by which time the farm’s broadband connection had only managed to upload a quarter of the file, around 50MB. Which works out at something like 0.011Mbps, if our maths isn’t horribly wrong.







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