News Headlines - 20 September 2010

▽Sweden confronts political uncertainty - FT.com
Sweden is facing a period of uncertainty after a general election  that has shifted the country’s political spectrum towards the right and highlighted the decline of left-leaning parties across much of Europe in the wake of the financial crisis.

▽WikiLeaks founder 'free to leave Sweden' - AFP
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is free to leave Sweden, after prosecutors said there was no arrest warrant against him for an alleged case of rape, one of his lawyers said Saturday.

▽Oxford's status is under threat from cuts, VC warns - The Guardian
Oxford's position as one of the world's top universities is under threat from imminent government cuts to higher education, its vice-chancellor warned today.

▽Britain vulnerable to space nuclear attack or 'solar flare' storm, conference told - Telegraph.co.uk
In a stark warning, Dr Liam Fox warned countries that sought nuclear capabilities could attack Britain from the upper atmosphere instead of through more traditional “nuclear strikes”.
The Defence Secretary disclosed that British officials believe such an attack involving a nuclear detonation would destroy vital electronic systems by producing an electromagnetic pulse.

▽'I'm going to die', shot barrister told cabbie - The Press Association
He died from injuries to his head and chest after being hit by a volley of at least five shots fired by marksmen positioned in the street and surrounding buildings.
Westminster Coroner's Court heard on Monday that Mr Saunders battled alcohol addiction for several years and had been drinking before the stand-off.







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