News Headlines - 25 September 2010

▽MI6: The History of the Secret Intelligence Service, 1909-1949 by Keith Jeffery - The Guardian
MI6's official history is surprisingly light on drama and intrigue, discovers Robert McCrum

▽Top dinosaur hunters are worst at naming - Nature.com
Those palaeontologists who name the most new dinosaur species are the least likely to get it right, a survey of nearly two centuries of research has found. The trend is as true for modern researchers as it was for their nineteenth-century forebears.

▽Wikileaks spokesman quits, blames Assange - ZDNet UK
German newspaper Der Spiegel is reporting that Wikileak's German spokesman is leaving the whistleblower organisation. In an interview with the paper, due to be published in full on Sunday Daniel Schmitt - his real name, which he revealed for the first time in the interview, is Daniel Domscheit-Berg - says that he and others have lost faith in founder Julian Assange.

▽French court orders Google Inc to pay libel damages - Reuters
A French court has ordered Google Inc to pay 5,000 euros ($6,672) in libel damages to a man who claimed that searches for his name automatically yielded a list of harmful suggestions.

▽YouTube wins landmark European copyright case - Independent
Google has won a significant copyright battle in Spain related to its YouTube website, calling the legal ruling a "clear victory for the internet and the rules that govern it".







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