News Headlines - 27 September 2010

▽Get behind Ed, urges David Miliband - Crewe Chronicle
David Miliband has issued an appeal to his supporters not to allow his leadership rivalry with brother Ed to degenerate into the kind of infighting which disfigured Labour during the Blair/Brown era.

▽Ireland seeks ways to stem rising debt - FT.com
Ireland is undertaking the sort of fiscal adjustment normally associated with countries bailed out by the International Monetary Fund... Yet after three brutal budgets, Ireland’s cost of borrowing is rising not falling – with spreads on Irish government bonds now at record highs of more than 4 per above benchmark German Bunds.

▽Migraine cause 'identified' as genetic defect - BBC
Scientists have identified a genetic defect linked to migraine which could provide a target for new treatments.

▽University of Leeds loans iPhones to student doctors - ComputerworldUK
The University of Leeds is issuing Apple iPhones to medical students for access to online educational materials that replace ‘unhygienic’ reference manuals and record books.

▽Wikileaks Calls US Pentagon ‘Nazi Punks,’ Threatens New Leak - Death and Taxes
The “Nazi punks” in question are the US Pentagon’s Department of Defense, and the books in question are the 10,000 first-run copies of the new memoir “Operation Dark Heart,” which the Department of Defense bought and promptly burned on September 20.







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