News Headlines - 29 September 2010

▽'I'm quitting because Ed's my brother': David Miliband walks out on frontline politics - MailOnline
David Miliband tonight quit frontline politics, declaring that he must step back to allow his younger brother the freedom to lead the Labour party.
The former foreign secretary refused to serve in the shadow cabinet 'because of the simple fact that Ed is my brother'.

▽Labour warned over attacks on coalition deals - BBC
Labour have been warned to be careful about attacking Lib Dem policy compromises, as they too will face more hung parliament deals in future.

▽BT in privacy row after sending customer data to ACS:Law - The Guardian
BT, the UK's largest broadband provider, sent details about its customers to ACS:Law, the firm of London solicitors at the centre of a huge data privacy row, in a form that could be read by anyone - and which have now spilt onto the web.

▽Apple bites back at Nokia lawsuit - BBC
Apple has begun legal proceedings against Nokia in the UK, accusing the mobile giant of infringing nine patents related to smartphone technology.

▽Sony Ericsson abandons Symbian for Android and WP7
In an  interview with Swedish technology publication NyTeknik  (Google translation) on 22 September, Sony Ericsson's chief technology officer Jan Uddenfeldt said: "Android is definitely our focus, but we have not given up on Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system, although it [was] a bit slow to take off. But Windows 7 Phone is on the map. However, we have at present no plans for new products with Symbian."







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