News Headlines - 01 October 2010

▽Ecuador neighbours reopen borders after 'coup attempt' - BBC 
Peru and Colombia have reopened their borders with Ecuador, a day after President Rafael Correa accused police and the opposition of a coup attempt.

▽US condemns Nigerian independence day car bombs - AFP
The United States condemned twin car bombings in the Nigerian capital Abuja that killed at least 10 people Friday near ceremonies to mark 50 years of independence.

▽UN Congo Report Released Amid Protest from Uganda, Rwanda - Voice of America
The United Nations on Friday released a controversial report documenting massive violations of human rights in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The report has sparked protests from both Rwanda and Uganda, whose armed forces are implicated in the crimes. The African countries of Angola and Burundi have also disputed aspects of the report.

▽U.S. envoy intensifies work to keep Mideast peace talks afloat
U.S. envoy George J. Mitchell shuttled between Israeli and Palestinian leaders Friday in an intensive effort to save Middle East peace talks from collapsing, but failed to break an impasse over Israeli settlement building in the West Bank.

▽BBC staff call off Tory conference strike - Independent
The threat of a strike by BBC staff that would have disrupted coverage of next week's Conservative conference was lifted yesterday to give staff time to vote on a new offer from management.







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