News Headlines - 02 October 2010

▽How the Conservatives will handle Ed Miliband - Independent
The Conservatives will play the patriotic card against Ed Miliband, claiming that he is betraying the national interest by refusing to spell out how Labour would tackle the £155bn deficit.

▽Worries for two million British customers as Dublin battles financial crisis - Daily Mail
About two million British savers with Irish banks face a bewildering few months as changes to the way their money is safeguarded take effect. Last week the government had to authorise a further massive injection of capital to stabilise the banking system.

▽FBI says Ukraine arrests 5 in cybercrime case - Reuters
Ukraine authorities have arrested five individuals who allegedly directed a global cybercrime scheme that used a version of the Zeus Trojan computer virus to steal $70 million from U.S. bank accounts, FBI officials said on Friday.

▽European Commission takes UK to court over web privacy laws - Telegraph.co.uk
The European Commission launched the investigation in the wake of BT’s controversial trial of Phorm, an online service that served up targeted adverts based on a list of sites visited by users. The trial was criticised by privacy campaigners and data experts for being “opt out” rather than “opt in”.

▽Panasonic becomes first sponsor of Sky 3D - The Guardian
Panasonic has signed up as the first sponsor of BSkyB's new 3D channel, which launches today, as part of a £10m ad campaign to push its 3D TVs in the run up to Christmas.







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