News Headlines - 07 October 2010

▽American, 2 Japanese Win Nobel Prize in Chemistry - Voice of America
Purdue University professor, Japanese Ei-ichi Negishi is a co-recipient of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.  He shares the award with Japanese Akira Suzuki of Hokkaido University and American Richard Heck of the University of Delaware.

▽Chile drill will reach miners 'in days', say engineers - BBC
Engineers drilling to reach 33 miners who have been trapped underground in Chile for over two months say they have just over 100 metres (328ft) to go.

▽Roman helmet sold for £2m - The Guardian
Metal detectorist who found it in Crosby Garrett, Cumbria, now a millionaire as UK museum priced out by anonymous buyer

▽New Queen Elizabeth arrives in Southampton - BBC
Cunard's new cruise ship, the Queen Elizabeth, has arrived at its home port of Southampton.

▽Mobile Usage Differs In U.S., Europe, Japan
U.S. phone users have the highest percentage of social networking/blogging users -- 21% -- while device users in Europe text the most and Japanese mobile phone users are the "most connected." In Europe 82 % of mobile phone users text while 74% of their counterparts in Japan are online the most.







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