News Headlines - 10 October 2010

▽Virgin Galactic ship achieves manned free flight - USA Today
The more than 370 people who've put down deposits on what they hope will be the first commercially available space flight tickets got a step closer to zero-gravity on Sunday when a Virgin Galactic's ship achieved its first manned free flight and successfully glided into land.

▽EuroMillions winner still has not claimed £112million jackpot - Mirror.co.uk
They will be the 589th richest person in Britain and earn £8,500 a day in interest. But if the winner wanted to splash out they could pick up nine £12million Ferrari 250 GTOs or a couple of private jets - a Boeing 767 costs about £56million. Or they could buy a 38 per cent stake in Liverpool FC.

▽J K Rowling tops list of Britain's most influential women - Independent
The multimillionaire author will top a list of the 100 women who have the most influence over our lives when it is unveiled tomorrow, to mark the 100th anniversary of the National Magazine Company, whose titles including Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, Company and Good Housekeeping.

▽Love me do: Yoko reveals it was Paul who saved her marriage to John - Daily Mail
Yoko continued to stay in touch with her errant husband but it was not until they met backstage at an Elton John concert in November1974 that they became reconciled.
John Lennon and Yoko Ono
But the surprise element of the story is that Yoko reveals Paul McCartney stepped in and brought the couple back together.

▽Anti-gay protesters clash with police in Belgrade - Telegraph.co.uk
A force of about 5,000 Serbian police clashed repeatedly with anti-gay protesters on Sunday, leading to arrests and many injuries as Belgrade hosted its first gay rights rally in nearly a decade.







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