News Headlines - 12 October 2010

▽Two Months Later, Chilean Mine Rescue Under Way - New York Times
As the sun set here in northern Chile, workers maneuvered into place the specially designed capsule that is to lower a rescuer the half-mile down through a narrow hole to the haven of the trapped men — and then raise one miner to the surface of the earth.

▽France hit by third national strike this month - BBC
French unions are staging a day of nationwide strikes and demonstrations in opposition to the government's pension reforms - the third in a month.
Unions and police say Tuesday's protests in Paris are the biggest so far, estimating a turnout of 330,000 and 89,000 respectively.

▽Cable 'endorses' tuition fee increase plan - BBC
Lord Browne's recommendations are the "final nail in the coffin" for affordable higher education, academics have warned.

▽Howard Jacobson wins Booker Prize - BBC
Author and columnist Howard Jacobson has won the Man Booker Prize for his comic novel The Finkler Question.
Jacobson, who beat contenders including double winner Peter Carey, received the £50,000 prize at London's Guildhall.

▽How new Windows Phone 7 ads might work (really) - CNET
When bootleg versions of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 ads emerged a couple of weeks ago, there was, at the very least, a raising of the eyebrows and a twitch of a toenail.
Here was Microsoft apparently daring to launch an anti-phone, one that somehow returns you to a more human, self-aware, pre-cell-phone state.







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