News Headlines - 15 October 2010

▽Liverpool's new owner John W Henry ready to meet Roy Hodgson and players - Telegraph.co.uk
New Liverpool owner John W Henry will travel to the club's Melwood training ground on Saturday to meet Roy Hodgson and the playing squad less than 24 hours after he secured the keys to Anfield.

▽Bernanke moves close to inflation policy goal - FT.com
Ben Bernanke’s road to an explicit inflation objective for the Federal Reserve has been a long one and he has still not reached the end of it.

▽All But Two Chile Miners Freed From Hospital - Sky News
Thirty-one of the 33 miners trapped underground for 69 days in Chile have now been released from hospital, it has been confirmed.

▽Breakthrough for world’s longest rail tunnel - FT.com
The world’s longest tunnel made a decisive breakthrough on Friday when a boring machine crushed the remaining short distance between the north and south ends of the easterly shaft of the Gotthard rail tunnel under the Swiss Alps.

▽It's all in a day's police work - BBC
Police in Greater Manchester have completed a 24-hour experiment to record every incident they deal with on Twitter. They hope it will give the public a better idea of the demands made upon them. So what does it reveal about the realities of policing one of the UK's biggest cities?







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