News Headlines - 19 October 2010

▽500,000 jobs go in spending cuts - Metro
One in ten civil servant workers will be made redundant by 2014 because of the £83billion worth of savings to be announced in the comprehensive spending review.
The cuts are ‘unavoidable’ as steps are taken to reduce a £109billion deficit in the next four years, the chancellor will say.

▽Strategic defence review means end of Iraq-scale military interventions - The Guardian
Britain's armed forces will no longer be able to mount the kind of operations conducted in Iraq and Afghanistan, the government's strategic defence review made clear today. For at least a decade it will also be impossible to deploy the kind of carrier taskforce which liberated the Falklands 28 years ago.

▽Former British PM Thatcher in hospital for checks: officials - AFP
Former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher was admitted to hospital Tuesday for "precautionary tests" after failing to recover from an infection, a government spokesman said.

▽Six dead as Russian special forces repel suicide attack on Chechen parliament - Telegraph.co.uk
Government officials said three Islamist militants died in the attack in Grozny, the Chechen capital, while two policemen guarding the parliament were killed along with one civilian. Up to 17 people were also reported wounded.

▽WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange slams Wired magazine on Twitter - The Guardian
The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has launched a verbal broadside against US technology magazine Wired, claiming the publication "has [an] agenda, doesn't check facts and is not to be trusted".







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