News Headlines - 20 October 2010

▽UK government unveils $128bn cuts - FT.com
The UK’s Conservative-led coalition has ushered in a new era of public sector austerity in Britain, outlining plans for £81bn ($128bn) in cuts to government spending which far outstrip measures taken by other major advanced economies.

▽Spending review axe falls on the poor - The Guardian
Perhaps the most striking of the new cuts announced was a package of £7bn in extra welfare cuts on top of the £11bn already made in the last budget. This will include the withdrawal of £50 a week from the million people claiming incapacity benefit for more than a year.

▽SPENDING REVIEW: Warning of a jobs bloodbath - Daily Mail
George Osborne fired the starting gun on a desperate race for jobs yesterday amid growing fears of an unemployment crisis in Britain.
The Chancellor admitted 490,000 public sector workers face the axe as a result of the £81bn of cuts outlined in the spending review.

▽Spending Review 2010: cuts leave middle class £10,000 worse off - Telegraph.co.uk
Middle-class families are to lose an average of £10,000 each over the next four years as a result of the package of spending cuts and tax rises unveiled in the Coalition’s Comprehensive Spending Review.

▽Spending Review: The nation's reaction - BBC
Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled the biggest programme of public spending cuts in the UK for decades, in his long-awaited Spending Review.







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