News Headlines - 21 October 2010

▽Spending review cuts hit poor hardest, says Institute of Fiscal Studies - The Guardian
The IFS said poor people would be hit harder than the rich, the four-year plan would see spending for most secondary school pupils cut, and Whitehall departments would face deeper cuts than under Labour's plans.

▽Why Sarkozy could win this fight without really getting his hands dirty - Independent
President Sarkozy, perhaps sensing a change in the wind, hardened his tone yesterday. He accused the militant union branches who are blockading oil refineries and fuel depots of "taking the country hostage". He lumped the militant anti-pension reform protesters together with the casseurs (vandals) who looted shops and burned cars in Lyon.

▽Amazon profits boosted by Kindle - BBC
The online retailer, Amazon, has reported a 16% rise in third-quarter profit, as its Kindle e-book reader continues to bolster sales.

▽Balaclava-clad fans make death threat at Wayne Rooney's home -The Guardian
Manchester United today re-entered negotiations with Wayne Rooney's agent, Paul Stretford, on a day when the outrage felt by the club's supporters escalated into militant action and chilling threats.

▽More than 1,000 people try to claim lottery jackpot - Telegraph.co.uk
With no one initially laying claim to the £113 million jackpot, organisers found themselves inundated by claims from people who insisted they had matched the winning numbers but had lost their ticket.
Now as the real winner has stepped forward to anonymously collect their prize, it has emerged that more than 1,000 hopefuls contacted Camelot claiming the jackpot was rightfully theirs.







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