News Headlines - 22 October 2010

▽Will Hammond find the money for more big transport schemes? - FT.com
There is something curious in the way that several key transport decisions were left out of the CSR on Wednesday. The four missing announcements were: the big order for Intercity Express trains from the Hitachi-led Agility consortium, the electrification of the Great Western line, another order for about a thousand train carriages and the Thameslink upgrade.
Sources in the Department for Transport insist that these interconnected upgrades are genuinely going to the wire. They depend, for example, on Agility’s ability to reduce its original £7.5bn cost by a significant margin.

▽British Navy Seeks Inquiry After Nuclear Sub Runs Aground - New York Times
The Royal Navy hastened to assemble an official inquiry Friday evening to explore why Britain’s newest nuclear submarine, H.M.S. Astute, ran aground while undergoing sea trials off the coast of northwest Scotland on Friday morning and remained stuck on a bank of sand and shingle for nearly 10 hours before a tug pulled it free at nightfall.

▽Iraq war logs: disclosure condemned by Hillary Clinton and Nato - The Guardian
The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, condemned the release of almost 400,000 secret US army field reports by whistleblowing website WikiLeaks claiming the disclosure could put lives at risk.

▽Kelly wounds 'self-inflicted', says pathology report - BBC
Previously secret evidence about the death of Iraq weapons expert Dr David Kelly suggests that he died as a result of a "self-inflicted injury".

▽Google admits to accidentally collecting e-mails, URLs, passwords - CNN
Google admitted in a blog post Friday that external regulators have discovered that e-mails, URLs and passwords were collected and stored in a technical while the vehicles for Google's Street View service were out documenting roadway locations.







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