News Headlines - 23 October 2010

▽Wikileaks: Row over US cover-up of torture of detainees in Iraq - Telegraph.co.uk
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/8083120/Wikileaks-Row-over-US-cover-up-of-torture-of-detainees-in-Iraq.htmlThe US government is at the centre of a growing row over the cover up of torture of detainees in Iraq following the leak of almost 400,000 army field reports.

▽Nick Clegg: I've struggled with my conscience over cuts - The Guardian
David Cameron and his deputy, Nick Clegg, have defended the government's austerity measures this weekend as a poll reveals that more than 75% of voters believe they are going to be worse off as a result of the cuts.

▽Angela Merkel's attack on 'Multikulti' was misjudged: many believe it wasn't even tried - Telegraph.co.uk
Chancellor Angela Merkel claimed that Germany's multiculturalism "utterly failed" but many Germans whose parents came from Turkey complain that they have never really been made welcome.

▽Grounded Nuclear Submarine Is Towed Free - Sky News
One of Britain's most advanced nuclear submarines has been towed free after running aground off the western coast of Scotland.

▽Manchester United reject conspiracy theory over Wayne Rooney - The Guardian
Manchester United are adamant Wayne Rooney will see out his new five-year deal and have dismissed the conspiracy theory that the club agreed to an expensive long contract extension to protect their own interests by raising his future transfer fee.







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