News Headlines - 24 October 2010

▽Miku Hatsune and Black Rock Shooter: Global Music Video "Vocaloid" Phenomenon That Defines the Future - Huffington Post
Quick. Can you name the hottest pop star in Japan and one of the most downloaded music videos on YouTube with 2.5 million downloads? Check it out here. This music phenomenon is likely to have more long-term relevance and value to music, entertainment and advertising businesses than Madonna, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber combined.

▽Hatsune Miku is pop's biggest draw as Japanese 3D cartoon stage sensation - Metro
She’s young, she’s got blue/green hair and she’s one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. Unfortunately, she isn’t able to comment on her success. Because she doesn’t exist. Meet Japanese sensation Hatsune Miku.

▽The Virtual Pop Star Hatsune Miku - VizWorld.com
Check out one of her performances below.  I have to admit it’s an impressive mix of a live band with the CG Singer.

▽This Rocking Lead Singer is a 3D Hologram - Singularity Hub
Watching Miku sing live is pretty amazing. The 3D ‘hologram’ isn’t that impressive, it looks to be a modern version of the pepper’s ghost illusion we’ve seen before, but the crowd reaction is intense.

▽Hatsune Miku: el holograma japonés estrella de la música - BBC Mundo
Es una de las cantantes de música pop más famosas del planeta pero no puede comentar sobre su éxito porque no existe. Se llama Hatsune Miku y es considerada toda una sensación de Japón con éxito mundial.







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