News Headlines - 25 October 2010

▽Train groups at odds over tender change - FT.com
The losing bidder in one of the UK’s biggest train tenders is considering legal action if Japan’s Hitachi wins orders to supply a heavily redesigned version.

▽UK in talks over taxing Britons' Swiss bank accounts - BBC
The UK and Switzerland have signed a declaration to begin negotiations on tax issues in a step towards making Britons with Swiss bank accounts pay tax on the interest they earn.

▽Three Questions About Karzai Accepting Iranian Cash - Voice of America
President Karzai told reporters in Kabul that the cash, up to $975,000 twice a year, is used for government expenses.  Karzai said the transactions were not secret and no different from cash payments from the United States and other "friendly countries."

▽Animal Activists Jailed For Terror Campaign - Sky News
Five animal rights activists who waged a campaign of "violence and terror" on people and companies linked to an animal testing lab have been jailed.

▽Firefighters in London set to strike on bonfire night - The Guardian
Firefighters in London are planning to strike on bonfire night in an escalating row over contracts, the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) said tonight.
Thousands of members would refuse to work shifts from 10am on 5 November to 9am on 7 November, covering one of the fire service's busiest periods.







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