News Headlines - 28 October 2010

▽UK wins allies in EU budget battle at summit - BBC
Ten EU countries have rallied behind the UK's call to limit an increase in the 2011 EU budget to 2.9% - well below the rise that Euro MPs called for.

▽David Cameron scolds Mayor of London Boris Johnson over 'Kosovo' comment - Telegraph.co.uk
David Cameron has delivered an unprecedented slap-down to Boris Johnson for comparing Government plans to stop housing benefit being claimed on expensive homes to “Kosovo-style social cleansing”.

▽England and Russia bid to be different in race for 2018 World Cup - The Guardian
Russia's ambitious bid to host the 2018 World Cup is the mirror image of England's but, as the vote on 2 December approaches, the two will do everything they can to differentiate their offers.

▽MI6 chief says torture poses 'dilemmas' for UK - AFP
The head of Britain's foreign spy service admitted Thursday his organisation faced "dilemmas" to avoid using intelligence obtained through torture but insisted his agents never mistreated suspects.

▽This time is different: Why WikiLeaks and the Pentagon Papers are not the same - The Economist
What is more, Mr Assange seems unwilling to reflect on the risks of what he is doing. Amnesty International has complained that documents in WikiLeaks’ release on Afghanistan were not sufficiently edited, and thus likely to endanger Afghans who had worked for the coalition. Even such supporters as Birgitta Jonsdottir, an Icelandic member of parliament, has expressed disappointment over how the documents were released.







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