News Headlines - 29 October 2010

▽Tube gets first wi-fi connection at Charing Cross - BBC
The move to get mobile phones working on the tube moved a step closer as BT announced wi-fi trials at Charing Cross underground station.

▽7/7 firefighter defends tunnel decision - The Press Association
A firefighter has defended his decision to delay entering a Tube tunnel to rescue 7/7 victims until he was sure the power to the tracks was off.

▽British woman's parents don't blame US for death - AFP
John and Lorna Norgrove were speaking publicly for the first time since their daughter Linda was killed on October 8, almost a fortnight after she was seized by insurgents in eastern Afghanistan.

▽Does Charlie Chaplin film show that time travel is possible? - Metro
A YouTube clip that appears to show an extra in Charlie Chaplin film The Circus talking on a mobile phone has led one movie buff to conclude the spooky lady is proof that time travel is possible.

▽Scotland's serial killers Burke and Hare are still helping science today - stv.tv
When the loveable Irish rogues depicted in John Landis' Burke and Hare movie came to Scotland they soon found a way to make money, by devising their own method of murder.







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