News Headlines - 31 October 2010

▽Yemen cargo plane plot: ink bomb was virtually undetectable - Telegraph.co.uk
Sources say the difficulty in finding the bomb reflects its sophistication, hidden in a desk top printer and carefully concealed to make it look as though it was part of the machinery.
It poses serious problems for any scanning of hold cargo since even police officers who knew what they were searching for could not find the bomb.

▽Cargo plane bomb plot: al-Qaeda terrorists 'threatened another Lockerbie' - Telegraph.co.uk
The al-Qaeda parcel bomb plot was designed to blow up passenger jets in a Lockerbie-style terrorist outrage, investigators believe.

▽Cargo bomb plot: Yemen forced into balancing act in fight against al-Qaida - The Guardian
Demonstrations broke out at Sana'a University today after the arrest of a 22-year-old student on suspicion of involvement in the failed bomb plot against American targets.

▽U.S. thanks UAE for role in disrupting bomb plot - Xinhua
The United States on Sunday thanked the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for its help in disrupting a terrorist plot by uncovering Friday a explosives-laden parcel bound for the United States.

▽Ink bomb intelligence came from the Middle East - Telegraph.co.uk
The origins of the information about the ink jet bomb plot remain vague. British intelligence sources are guarded about their role, although MI6 in known to have been involved.







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