News Headlines - 02 November 2010

▽Cameron and Sarkozy hail UK-France defence treaties - BBC
New treaties on defence and nuclear joint working with France marked a "new chapter" in a long history of defence co-operation, David Cameron has said.

▽Democrats Lose Support Among Women and Independents, Polls Show - New York Times
Democrats lost significant support Tuesday among women and independent voters, in an election that was a referendum on Democratic government in a stubbornly weak economy.

▽Greece suspends air freight after bombs found - Voice of America
Greece suspended all overseas air shipments of mail and parcels for 48 hours Wednesday following a wave of attacks by suspected leftist guerrillas on government targets in several west European countries.

▽105,000 scale Times titles' digital paywall - Independent
News Corporation reported 105,000 online sales of The Times and The Sunday Times yesterday as it published the first official figures since taking the controversial step of putting its website's content behind a paywall.

▽Wheat and corn fuel food price rise - The Press Association
A sharp rise in the cost of wheat and corn led to the biggest increase in food prices for more than a year last month, an industry body said.







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