News Headlines - 03 November 2010

▽Lib Dem support hits new low - The Press Association
The Liberal Democrats have hit a new low in a poll putting them on just 9%.
The YouGov survey for The Sun showed the Tories and Labour were neck and neck on 40%, suggesting support for both parties has risen since the general election in May.

▽Election outcome may complicate Obama's foreign policy - Washington Post
The midterm elections focused almost exclusively on domestic issues. But Tuesday's outcome may complicate President Obama's foreign-policy goals, with Republicans using their new strength to cut aid to other countries and question the president's policies toward countries such as Syria, Venezuela and Israel, officials and analysts said.

▽US Fed to pump in extra $600bn - FT.com
The Federal Reserve has launched an all-out effort to shore up the US economic recovery with a fresh round of quantitative easing– nicknamed QE2 – and will buy $600bn of longer-term Treasury securities by the middle of next year.
▽Airport evacuated but suspicious package turns out to be false alarm - Scotsman
PART of Glasgow airport was evacuated last night after a suspicious package, which eventually turned out to be a false alarm, was found in the search area of one of the terminals.

▽BBC apology over Band Aid money reports - BBC
The BBC has apologised to Band Aid over reports claiming millions of pounds raised by the charity for famine relief in Ethiopia had been used to buy arms.







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