News Headlines - 04 November 2010

▽Qantas A380 Spitting Parts Spares `Incredibly Lucky' Passengers - Bloomberg
The 466 passengers and crew aboard a Qantas Airways Ltd. Airbus A380 survived a mid-flight engine blowout that aviation specialists said is both extremely rare and potentially fatal.

▽Hague warns time is running out to solve Israeli conflict - Independent
The "window of opportunity" could be closing on a two-state solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict, William Hague warned yesterday at the end of his first trip here as Foreign Secretary.

▽WikiLeaks founder says may seek Swiss asylum - Reuters
The founder of  WikiLeaks said on Thursday he may seek political asylum in Switzerland and move his whistle-blowing website there to operate in safety.

▽Third of households workless in worst cities - FT.com
Almost a third of households in some of Britain’s biggest cities contain no adults with jobs, underlining the scale of the challenge facing the coalition as it seeks to get people off benefits and into work.
In Liverpool, 50,000 out of 175,000 households, or 32 per cent, have no working members. In Nottingham and Glasgow, 31 per cent of homes have no one who is employed.

▽Americans waits to see what will be Obama's next move - The Guardian
The president's advisers have invited Democratic groups to the White House tomorrow. One prominent Democrat portrayed this as a sign of panic, but one of those invited insisted it was neither panic nor a strategy session, just a courtesy to thank them for their help during the election.







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