News Headlines - 05 November 2010

▽Body found in hunt for missing millionairess Joanna Brown - Metro
Her estranged husband Robert Brown, a 46-year-old British Airways pilot from Winkfield, was charged with her murder on Thursday afternoon, even though no body had been found.

▽Passengers scream as second Qantas jet has engine trouble - Daily Mail
The 747 jumbo ran into trouble 20 minutes after take-off on its way to Sydney when passengers heard a loud bang and saw flames or sparks coming from an engine.
QF6 immediately returned to Singapore airport and made a safe landing.

▽Al-Qaeda claims parcel bomb plot - Aljazeera.net
Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has said that it orchestrated a failed bomb plot on airliners headed for the US last month, and claimed responsibility for the crash of an aircraft in Dubai in September.

▽Islamist website forced to take down list of MPs who voted for Iraq war - The Guardian
The Home Office urged US authorities to intervene over the postings on the site, which is alleged to have inspired the London student Roshonara Choudhry to attack the MP Stephen Timms.

▽Georgia uncovers Russian spy ring
Georgia says four of those arrested for spying are Russian citizens and the rest are Georgians.
They are alleged to have been working for the intelligence service of the Russian military, the GRU.







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