News Headlines - 10 November 2010

▽Met Police launch inquiry into student protest - BBC
Thousands marched peacefully in London over plans to increase fees in England.
But outside Tory party headquarters in Millbank, a minority smashed windows, lit fires and threw missiles at police.

▽Cocaine use higher in England and Wales than Europe - BBC
Levels of cocaine use in England and Wales are now the highest in Europe, and among young adults outstrip the US.

▽Iraqi Christians living in fear as 11 bombs explode in Baghdad, killing five - Independent
Christians in Iraq came under attack again yesterday when 11 roadside bombs exploded in three areas of Baghdad killing five people. The bombings are part of an al-Qa'ida campaign against Iraq's ancient Christian community, many of whom have already fled abroad.

▽Pentagon says no evidence vapor trail came from anything but an aircraft
Spotted just before sunset Monday, the vapor trail set off speculation and conspiracy thinking about an unexplained missile. But the military reported no rocket or missile launches.

▽Harry potter's darkest film yet spells the end of an era - Daily Mail
Daniel Radcliffe says that saying goodbye to Harry Potter has been ‘devastating’, and Emma Watson has said it’s like a friend has died.







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