News Headlines - 14 November 2010

▽Sarkozy reappoints Fillon in French reshuffle - FT.com
President Nicolas Sarkozy reappointed François Fillon as prime minister on Sunday, beginning a long-awaited government reshuffle that presages continuity rather than a fresh start for France’s unpopular leader.

▽Ireland Urged to Take Aid by Officials Amid Debt Crisis - Bloomberg
Germany is pressing Ireland to seek aid before a Nov. 16 meeting of European finance ministers to calm market volatility and win agreement on making investors help pay for future bailouts, a German government official said.

▽Royals lead tributes to UK war dead - The Press Association
The Queen has led the nation in honouring the fallen at London's iconic Cenotaph war memorial.

▽Obama visits the Great Buddha in Japan - USA Today
Obama visited the 44-foot-high Great Buddha statue of Kamakura, returning to a spot he visited when he was 6 years old.
"The first time I was here, I was this big," Obama said, putting his hand up to his waist.

▽The new Intercity trains waiting to depart have been delayed – again - The Guardian
But even once the order is in, it will take Hitachi at least eight years to deliver a new fleet. This project is in the in-tray of its fifth transport secretary. This one needs to make an actual decision.







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