News Headlines - 15 November 2010

▽Eurozone members pressed on debt plans - FT.com
Eurozone finance ministers will press Ireland and Portugal to spell out their detailed plans to handle their debt loads amid signs that the two countries are edging towards an international bail-out.

▽David Cameron: Britain will remain major world player - BBC
The UK remained a "great economic power" and there was no reason its military power would diminish, he said.
But Britain must "sort out" its economy if it wants to "carry weight in the world", the prime minister said.

▽Guantanamo seven 'paid off' to halt legal action against Government - Telegraph.co.uk
A group of former Guantanamo Bay detainees who claim they were tortured with the complicity of the British security services have been paid millions of pounds to drop legal action against the Government.

▽Manchester police to cut nearly 3,000 jobs over four years - The Guardian
Greater Manchester police, one of Britain's largest forces, will be forced to shed nearly 3,000 posts over the next four years with cuts to the number of officers and civilian employees meaning its size could be reduced by almost a quarter.

▽The oldest TV in Britain snapped up for £300 - Metro
A television bought in 1968 is thought to be Britain’s oldest working colour set.
Derek Wills prefers his old TV to any HD ready plasma Derek Wills prefers his old TV to any HD ready plasma
The Mitsubishi machine was snapped up by Derek Wills for £300 - the equivalent of £3,858 today - and has never had to be repaired.







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