News Headlines - 16 November 2010

▽Royal family needs this marriage to work - FT.com
If Britain’s monarchy is to survive, everything hinges on William and Kate. All the signs are that both have the right stuff. He seems to have his father’s sense of duty mixed with his mother’s emotional intelligence, the combination he will need to be a popular and successful 21st century king. If it’s the other way round, he’s doomed.

▽George Bush accused of borrowing from other books in his memoirs - The Guardian
The Huffington Post noted a remarkable similarity between previously published writings and Bush's colourful anecdotes from events at which he had not been present.
Bush borrows heavily from Bob Woodward's account Bush at War, which the White House criticised as inaccurate when it was published in 2002. He also appears to take chunks from a book written by his former press secretary Ari Fleischer.

▽Mediterranean sharks are Australian immigrants - Nature.com
The elusive great white sharks of the Mediterranean Sea may be descended from a single small Australian population that lost its bearings while visiting South Africa 450,000 years ago.

▽French cuisine named 'intangible' world heritage - AFP
The UN cultural organisation on Tuesday added Spain's flamenco dance and French cuisine -- a first-ever listing for gastronomy -- to the world's intangible cultural treasures.

▽A Hard Drive's Night: Beatles songs reinvented for iTunes - The Guardian
1 Being For The Benefit Of Mr Jobs
2 The Long and Winding Download
3 I'm So Tired (of paying for songs I already own)
4 Ebook Writer
5 She Came In Through My Bathroom Window (and nicked my iPad)
6 Let It USB
7 While My Guitar Gently Tweets
8 With A Little Helpline From My Friends9 When I'm 64 (bit)
10 Mac In The USSR







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