News Headlines - 17 November 2010

▽Dublin feels pressure on rescue package - FT.com
Pressure mounted on Ireland on Wednesday to agree to a joint European Union-International Monetary Fund rescue package, as fresh evidence emerged of fading confidence in the country’s banking system.

▽Europe heads back into the storm - FT.com
Only months after congratulating itself on a narrow escape, the eurozone is again hurtling back toward contagious defaults. Its fumbling approach to the explosive instability of the Irish banking system leaves little hope that the other ticking bombs with which Europe’s economies are riddled are going to be disarmed in time.

▽James Murdoch: blocking BSkyB deal jeopardises UK jobs - The Guardian
James Murdoch warned the British government today not to block News Corporation's bid for full control of pay-TV operator BSkyB, saying it risked "jeopardising" jobs in the UK.

▽One million women unemployed as government spending cuts start to bite - Telegraph.co.uk
Latest figures showed that 1.02 million women were unemployed by September this year, the highest level since 1988, when Margaret Thatcher was in power.
Unions warned that the squeeze on public sector spending would see more women lose their jobs in the coming year.

▽Scottish Budget cuts are unveiled - BBC
Finance Secretary John Swinney confirmed his plans to introduce a pay freeze for public sector workers earning £21,000 or over during his budget statement to parliament on 17 November.







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