News Headlines - 19 November 2010

▽Problems with William and Kate's wedding date as new bank holiday is discussed - hellomagazine.com
William is said to be keen to marry sooner rather than later, and would ideally like to tie the knot in April or May.
However, it has been suggested he look at a later date for the best chance of sunshine. Aides have argued that a downpour at the wedding – likely to draw the biggest TV audience in history – will only reinforce perceptions of 'rainy England'.

▽Fullers expects sales lift from royal wedding - FT.com
The pub group, which owns more than 350 pubs across southern England and brews London Pride Bitter, also said it expected to see a pick-up in trade on the back of the recently announced Royal wedding.

▽France rejects 'Bin Laden talks' to free hostages - BBC
France has rejected demands by an al-Qaeda group in northern Africa that it should negotiate the release of five French hostages and two others with Osama Bin Laden.

▽Obama arrives in Portugal to meet with NATO allies - Los Angeles Times
President Obama arrived here this morning for two days of meetings with NATO allies as they craft a new plan for the war in Afghanistan and seek a new mission statement that will keep them relevant in the 21st century.

▽'Alien' planet detected circling dying star - BBC
The Jupiter-like planet, they say, is part of a solar system which once belonged to a dwarf galaxy... The star, called HIP 13044, is nearing the end of its life and is 2000 light years from Earth.







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