News Headlines - 26 November 2010

▽No Bailout Needed, Will Cut Debt Issuance - Wall Street Journal
Spanish officials Friday adamantly denied the country needed external support, but said they would reduce upcoming debt sales as the country's financing costs skyrocket in the wake of Ireland's financial meltdown.

▽China holds talks with Clinton on N.Korea: foreign ministry - AFP
Beijing held phone talks with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday on the tense situation following North Korea's deadly bombardment of a South Korean island, the Chinese foreign ministry said.

▽US slams WikiLeaks ahead of latest release - AFP
Washington's envoy to Iraq condemned WikiLeaks as "absolutely awful" Friday as world capitals braced for the looming release of some three million sensitive diplomatic cables by the whistleblower website.

▽Rio favela violence: police take control of gang stronghold - Telegraph.co.uk
Police have taken control of a favela in Rio de Janeiro that was a gang stronghold following nearly a week of violence that has left dozens dead.

▽Smoking curbs: The global picture - BBC
In the United Kingdom, smoking is banned in nearly all enclosed public spaces - including bars, restaurants and workplaces.
The ban came into force in England in July 2007. Scotland introduced a ban in March 2006, followed by Wales and Northern Ireland in April 2007.







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