News Headlines - 03 December 2010

▽World Cup 2018: The Guilty Men! FIFA five who betrayed England bid are named - Daily Mail
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1335518/World-Cup-2018-FIFA-betrayed-England-bid-named.htmlThe five FIFA executives who betrayed England over the hosting of the 2018 World Cup were exposed last night as the FA went into meltdown.

▽Hungary sees blank page protest over media bill - BBC
Several Hungarian newspapers have published blank front pages or cartoons in protest at a bill which they say would restrict media freedom.

▽Military in charge of Spanish air space after controllers walk out - CNN
The Spanish government put the military in control of air space late Friday to get commercial jets flying again after a surprise air traffic controller strike stranded tens of thousands of travelers, the deputy prime minister announced.

▽U.K. Finds U.S. Forces Liable in Killing - Wall Street Journal
Kidnapped British aide worker Linda Norgrove was killed by a grenade thrown by US special operations forces in a botched rescue attempt, British Foreign Secretary William Hague said an investigation has confirmed.

▽Daylight savings bill clears second hurdle - The Guardian
The bill would require the government to conduct a cross-departmental analysis into the potential costs and benefits of moving the clocks forward to create lighter evenings. If this review showed that the move would be beneficial, then the bill would mandate the government to initiate a three-year trial to evaluate the impact of the change.







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