News Headlines - 06 December 2010

▽Julian Assange to be questioned by British police - The Guardian
Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, is expected to appear in a UK court tomorrow after his lawyers said he would meet police to discuss a European extradition warrant from Sweden relating to alleged sexual assaults.

▽Alleged Russian spy protests innocence in email to BBC's Russian service - The Guardian
The alleged Russian spy Katia Zatuliveter vehemently denied working as an agent for Russian intelligence today, and said that she was fighting against the Home Office's decision to deport her from Britain.

▽US, Asian allies urge China to rein in NKorea - AFP
The United States, South Korea and Japan on Monday all urged China to help rein in its ally North Korea and vowed solidarity in defending Seoul from any further attacks from the North.

▽Continental 'responsible' for Concorde crash in 2000 - BBC
A Paris court has said Continental Airlines was "criminally responsible" for the crash of a Concorde supersonic jet 10 years ago, and fined it 200,000 euros (£170,000).
It has also been ordered to pay 1m euros to the jet's operator Air France.

▽Nick Clegg to make plea to divided party on eve of tuition fees vote - The Guadian
A Liberal Democrat grassroots revolt over the party leadership's support for trebling tuition fees emerged tonight as members of the party's policy committee demanded powers to rein in ministerial independence from Lib Dem policy.







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