News Headlines - 09 December 2010

▽Will Anonymous Target Facebook Next? - PC World
The cyberwar unleashed by WikiLeaks is spreading far and wide. Will Facebook join Amazon, Paypal, and Visa among its victims?

▽US renews calls for release of China Nobel winner - AFP
The United States on Thursday renewed calls for the release of jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo a day before he was to receive the Nobel prize at a ceremony attended by the US ambassador.

▽White House calls on China to restrain N. Korea - AFP
The White House on Thursday called on China to rein in its North Korean allies in order to "stabilize" the divided peninsula as the top officer in the US military returned from the region.

▽Most think corruption on the rise, survey finds - Globe and Mail
People in most of the world believe corruption has worsened over the past three years, with the global financial crisis fallout colouring their views, according to a survey released Thursday by an international watchdog.

▽Iceland agrees to repay £2.3bn owed to UK after Icesave failure - Telegraph.co.uk
Iceland has agreed to start repaying the £2.3bn of debt it owes Britain from 2016 following the failure of its Icesave bank two years ago.







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