News Headlines - 14 December 2010

▽Julian Assange remains in jail as Sweden appeals against bail decision - The Guardian
Sweden tonight decided to fight a British judge's decision to grant bail to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has spent more than a week in prison over sexual assault allegations involving two Swedish women.

▽Anonymous starts fax attacks - Techwatch
Anonymous has opened up another front in its WikiLeaks war, aside from denial of service attacks on those who have cut ties with the whistle blowing site.

▽Review of police tactics after royal ambush - Telegraph.co.uk
Scotland Yard is reviewing its tactics in the wake of the royal ambush to identify how to cope with fast moving public protesters using new technology to co-ordinate their efforts.

▽Number 10 plays down 'Plan B' claim - The Press Association
Downing Street has sought to play down reports that senior officials are preparing an economic "Plan B" amid fears of a sharp downturn.

▽UK inflation rates rise to 3.3% in November - BBC
New figures show inflation in the UK rose to 3.3% in November, which is a six month high.
Economists are warning of further price rises to come and say inflation could remain above the Bank of England's target for the coming year.







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