News Headlines - 15 December 2010

▽Gawker hack triggers password resets at major sites - BBC
Millions of web users are being asked to reset their passwords as concerns spread over a major hacking attack.

▽Julian Assange bail decision made by UK authorities, not Sweden - The Guardian
The decision to have Julian Assange sent to a London jail and kept there was taken by the British authorities and not by prosecutors in Sweden, as previously thought, the Guardian has learned.

▽Iran accuses US, Britain, Israel of deadly suicide bomb attack - Xinhua
Iran on Wednesday accused the United States, Britain and Israel of involving in the deadly suicide bomb attack in the country which left 39 killed and more than 50 others wounded... According to media, the Pakistan-based Sunni rebel group Jundallah (God' s soldiers) has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack.

▽Lib Dems seek 13 January byelection in Oldham East and Saddleworth - The Guardian
Amid criticism that the Lib Dems were trying to bury the election campaign over the Christmas period, the party confirmed it would move the byelection writ in the Commons tomorrow, circumventing the convention which normally would have seen Labour, as the previous holders of the seat, moving it.

▽UK unemployment rate rises to year
high of 2.5m - Metro
About 2.5million people are out of work – 7.9 per cent of the labour market – the highest rate since January.







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