News Headlines - 16 December 2010

▽Snow and ice White Christmas 'to stop Santa in his tracks in Scotland' - Metro
Scottish children waiting on Santa could be left disappointed this year after the director of a leading delivery company warned 'Father Christmas won't be coming to Scotland and the north east' because of widespread snow and ice.

▽BP faces billion-dollar legal battle over Gulf oil disaster - Scotsman
THE US government is to sue BP for costs and damages in a bid to recoup billions of dollars after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
The British oil firm was among eight companies named in a lawsuit filed at a New Orleans court yesterday.

▽Drone attack 'kills two Britons' in Pakistan - BBC
Two white British al-Qaeda members have died in a suspected US drone raid in north-west Pakistan, officials say.

▽WikiLeaks: Anonymous hierarchy emerges - The Guardian
But inside Anonymous, the Guardian has found that the organisation is more hierarchical – with a hidden cabal of around a dozen highly skilled hackers co-ordinating attacks across the web.

▽Cultural Evolution Could Be Studied in Google Books Database - Wired News
Google’s massive trove of scanned books could be useful for researchers studying the evolution of culture.